Religion in the News

October was one heck of a busy month for Religion in the News. Lots of things happened. A Prince tried to get a Jewish couple to join an army of door-to-door Sellers of Salvation. The timeless secrets of the universe were being sold for just $200 down. Authorities clamped down on school girls wearing scarves. A U.S. Senator suggested that celibacy is the only way to avoid incest. There was talk of Muslims mounting an assault on Italy. Two clerics who saw what happened couldn’t agree on it. People argued about what God hates, and heard what it might take to defeat the Principality of Darkness.
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As in, propose a debate, not just link to a rather dull website which arbitrarily filters news according to whether religion is an important element.

Next: Alcoholics in the news.

Spoons in the news!

When was the last time you saw a headline news article about SPOONS?

Why is it that the truth is suppressed in this way?

Somebody piss on your Corn Flakes this morning?

When you have a point to make, come on back, o.k.?