Religion of culture where you're supposed to reflect every 29 years?

I remember my dad, a long time ago, telling me about some religion, or culture, or tradition, I forget which, where, every 29th year (so, at 29, 58, and, if you make it that long, 87) you’re supposed to engage in deep reflection about your life. Am I remembering this right, and does anyone know which it is?

Sounds like a distorted version of Hindu āśrama. Was your dad a Herman Hesse fan?

I was born a Hindu and am very well familiar of ashrama and this does not sound like it. Can you please provide a cite ?

29 years is the average time for Saturn Return (astrology term). I am not a believer in astrology, but people who believe in Astrology believe this is a significant event since Saturn returns to the same spot it was at your birth - and Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac. They believe Saturn dictates major changes in your lifestyle and values.

There are Hindus who believe in astrology just like other religions and cultures. So to answer your question - people who are astrology believers (or fanatics) believe in this practice - its not limited to one religion or culture.

Did you get where I said “distorted version”?