Religion's positive influence on politics

I don’t know what Alternet is, but this article is interesting.

Didn’t read the whole article. Does it mention Martin Luther King, Jr., or Gandhi, or Willaim Wilberforce?

I would expect them to be better examples of positively influencing politics with their religious beliefs than Hal Lindsey.


Is non-violent civil disobedience a part of hindu theology?

On reflection, I could have titled it “A religion’s positive influence on politics,” or better “A sect’s…”. But, to be honest, when it comes to influencing the polity, they’re all the same to me.

Well, there is a certain philosophy in politics, just the same as there is philosophy with religion. I say, if philosophy applied in a religious manner (in moderation, of course) could do a a fair amount of good in politics.

Religion’s positive influence on politics

Except for the communists , I can’t think of many progressive political or humanitarian historical advents that didn’t contain a religious rational…unfortunatly the many heinous examples had their religious loopholes as well.

That article brought up something that I’ve noticed watching Hal Lindsey’s “news” program. Islam has replaced the Soviet Union as Christianity’s Great Satan. That would make the show more political than religious. If China were to become an enemy would the Great Satan change again?

Probably only after the current dispensationalist events fail to pan out. They would be a good Great Satan, though. Wholly different culture and whatnot–Islam worships the same god as christians and jews, how much into Satan can they be?

Gandhi was always open about how his political philosophy had deep roots in God and religion, not necessarily Hinduism alone. In his autobiography, he maintains that his whole Life is devoted to seeing God, and one can clearly see the religious inspiration behind his thoughts and actions in the political arena.


I thought this was going to be a “Shortest books ever written” joke.

I personally always thought theology was the least successful of all political systems.