Religious People are the Biggest Nerds

My friend just linked this on Facebook. It makes a pretty compelling argument :p, hell when I was a kid I was convinced the church I went to was a really elaborate book club (it was… startling when it turned out I was wrong).

Let’s try to keep this in CS though, okay guys?

Thanks for that link, that was really funny. And true, in a way. It was just as much of an eye-opener as when I read somewhere on this board that nerds might as well be quoting sports statistics as Klingon lore. Yes…sports nerds, of course they exist! And religious nerds, too.

I’ve always said that theology is just a fanwank dressed up in its Sunday best.

That was awesome.

“They both have interesting thoughts about dinosaurs…” Heh.

Even when I was in grad school for theology, I was pretty much aware that my religious phase was really just an extension of my Trekkie phase. In fact, I used it as a direct analogy more than once.

Bits and pieces of the sketch were very funny… but my take is, you don’t start with a definition of nerds and THEN try to fit the religious into that definition.

Rather, what makes a nerd comical is that he tries to turn enjoyable-but-unimportant things (baseball, “Star Trek,” Tolkien) into a religion.

Very good. I liked that it was pretty even - ‘to the renfair!’

In my real life there is a significant overlap between religion nerds and scifi nerds. Sounds so obvious when you write it down.

Dare I bring up David Mamet’s argument that Jews + Asperger’s = Hollywood?

It might be ethnic, or hereditary, rather than religious as such. But it could also be argued that religious Judaism puts great emphasis on detail, memory and abstraction.

Along similar lines is this Gutters comic.

I just shared that video with a bunch of my nerd friends. :slight_smile:

How were you wrong?