Remains of Tsar's heir may have been found

You KNEW I was going to post this.

Hmmmm…very interesting.

If so, this will finally put the whole Anastasia thing to rest once and for all.

You don’t hang out with the tinfoil hat crowd much do you? There will always be people who believe in the face of remains and DNA that Anastasia escaped.

From the article:

I wonder why they treated the bodies of Alexei and the sister differently than the rest of the family? Why didn’t they get disposed of with the rest of them?

I am Anastasia!

And so’s my husband.

Actually, the funny thing about that is that most scientists and experts don’t think Anastasia’s the one missing-all the evidence points to Maria, the third daughter, being the one.

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nyctea scandiaca, from what I remember, they were trying to get rid of all the bodies that way and being that cremation is actually very difficult except for experts, they didn’t have time.

At any rate, for those who believe in survivors, while I’ve seen a FEW who had somewhat convincing stories, there’s no way anyone survived. That was a brutal massacre. I’m willing to believe that one of them wasn’t quite dead when they left the basement, but died on the way to the grave. That’s as far as I’ll concede.

As for Anna Anderson, everything I’ve read suggests that she wasn’t a deliberate imposter. I think she really, truly believed she was Anastasia-she was definitely mentally ill, possibly schizophrenic. I actually feel rather sorry for her, since she was pretty much used by everyone around her, except for a few kind souls.