Remake/Tribute songs with cameos

Heard Jackson Browne’s version of “Stay” while driving today, and if I’m not mistaken (and I very well could be), it has Frankie Valli in a cameo at the end.

Got me thinking. What other remakes or tributes have cameos from the original artists. I’m not just talking about someone guest singing or playing on a new track, I’m talking about the originals coming back for a surprise appearance or something. I’m sure it happens often live, but on regular releases?

Dobie Gray joins Uncle Kracker on “Drift Away”
Elton John and George Michael on “Don’t Let the Sun Come Down on Me”
I’m pretty sure Colin Hay sang on a version of “Overkill.”
Not a remake, but Ronnie Spector popping up in Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight” would count…“Just like Ronnie sang…”

Think of any others?

Jackson Browne, “Stay” - Who sang falsetto?

IIRC Carl Wilson sang backup on David Lee Roth’s version of “California Girls,” but I don’t know whether this counts as a cameo appearance or just “someone guest singing or playing.”

Sigh…Straight Dope Message Board, is there nothing you don’t know? :slight_smile:
I did get the feeling it wasn’t Frankie Valli, mostly because all my Googling to that effect was coming up blank.

IIRC, John Lennon once backed Elton John when Elton did a live verson of “I Saw Her Standing There.”