Remaking freezer jam


I made a batch of freezer jam (peach / nectarine) using Sure Jell yesterday. It didn’t set and is quite runny. So now I’m trying to figure out if I can save it.

The Sure Jell package has re-making instructions, but they involve adding more pectin and another 2 T of sugar per jar! It’s plenty sweet already, I’m not all that into adding even more sugar.

I’m wondering if I can just simmer it down. Looking around the interwebs, I see some places telling me that’s a sure-fire way to ruin my jam; others say it’ll work. Anyone have any experience with that? Or any other way I can save this stuff?

I’ve been there myself, and simmering it down will just overcook it. If you don’t want to add more sugar, use the sugar-free pectin as an addition. This stuff gels with the addition of calcium salts, so the amount of sugar you added already will only help. Maybe this will still be looser than optimal, but probably still good fresh from the freezer.

I feel your pain, I like to use much less sugar than recipes state, because I think the stuff is sweet enough. That’s why I store my jams in the fridge, I’ve never made freezer jam.

Unset jam is just compote. Put it on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, whatever. Make another batch if you really want jam.

Yeah, the sugar is important. It forms a matrix with the pectin. If you simmer it down, you will cook out some of the flavour, and risk scorching it.

I usually aim for a soft set jam. It’s not wrong, it’s European :slight_smile:

OK, so let’s switch the topic. I’ve given up on fixing it. I know it can be used as toppings; to tell you how much I use fruit toppings, I have a jar of absolutely delicious looking balsamic cherry topping in my cupboard. It’s been there for 3 years, unopened. I’m not adding a bunch of peach topping to the freezer to meet the same fate.

So let’s bring on the recipes that can use not-quite-set peach jam. I know it’ll make quick breads, muffins, and cocktails :D. If anyone has any great recipes, bring them on. Or any other ideas of what to do with it. I have 7 jars, really don’t want to just throw it away.

Sometimes, less than optimal jams will set up a bit when you refrigerate them. If it’s total soup, then probably not, but it’s worth a shot.

How about a lovely peach pie? Peach pie is just thick peach sauce with peach chunks in it, isn’t it?

Thin it with a bit of water, add some lemon, and make a sorbet, or granita if you don’t have an ice cream maker.

Add some more fruit and it will make a delicious cobbler/crumble/betty/grunt.

Yes, replace the sugar in any muffin or quickbread recipe with your jam, cup for cup.

Add ketchup, liquid smoke, ground clove and garlic powder for a quick fruity BBQ sauce. If your jam is chunky, blend it smooth. Really nice brushed over grilled chicken drumsticks.

Mix with plain yogurt and eat, or freeze into popsicles.

Blend with milk and icecream (or frozen bananas) for peachy shakes.

Use as a glaze for baked goods. Again, blend if too chunky.

Do you have a dehydrator? Fruit leather? I admit it doesn’t appeal to me, but if you like the chewy sticky kind of snack, you could investigate making it in the oven.

Too much jam, even soft jam, is a good problem to have!