Remember "Awakenings"? New cases of 1920's mysterious epidemic "Sleeping Sickness"!

This Sunday, July 28’th, I saw a BBC-documentary.

After the 1920’s apparently the disease left as mysteriously as it arrived. No new cases were reported.

Research on these new cases has finally led to the understanding of this disease. It is apparently caused by a mutant strain of a very common bacteria, in conjunction with the patient’s own immunesysteme going berserk.

Neurologist Oliver Sacks described the treatment, in the 1970’s, of these forgotten patients in his novel: “Awakenings”. Sacks has been presented with the results of this research and considers them a major breakthrough.

Absolutely *fascinating * stuff.

Oh, c’mon. I mean, seriously. BBC is just flogging a dead horse. We all aready know it was because Dream was trapped and imprisoned by Roderick Burgess and his followers on June 11th, 1916!

lol this is exactly what I was thinking when I read the OP

Color me clueless. Dream? Roderick Burgess? :confused:

Read these. Be enriched. :slight_smile: