Remember Gouverneur Morris?

Why doesn’t anybody ever mention or talk about Gouverneur Morris? He was one of our Founding Fathers, he opposed slavery. And according to the article I just gave, he was one of the first people to consider himself an American, rather than just a citizen of one of the states. He sounds like an all-around nice guy. But who ever heard of him? Whom ever talks about him?

He clearly is a lesser known Founding Father. But he wrote the preamble to the United States Constitution. He deserves more exposure.

Someone should really start a Gouverneur Morris Society. I certainly would, if I had any money. Or is there already one? Share it. I’d like to join.


I recall a college history professor of mine mentioning him as having written the final language of the Constitution and that (maybe) he made no changes to what had been agreed. Along with France’s Talleyrand, he must have been one of very few disabled politicians of his age, and apparently a true stud. His demise was kinda…icky.

This interview with a Morris scholar reveals more details of Mr. Morris’ life:

The Confessions of Gouverneur Morris | The National Endowment for the Humanities

I always wanted to know what state he was Gouverneur of…

I remember there being a scandal of some kind with the result he was passed over from doing anything meaningful in the new government …

He just needed a better PR team.

This deserves some extrapolation.

Morris had a blocked urethra (in all honesty, I’m not sure how that was evident to him - I guess he couldn’t pee?). So he decided to use a whalebone to, err, clear the blockage.

That was a bad idea. Really bad. Like, fatally so.

Why did he talk to Ben Franklin who had invented a urinary catheter?