Remember the piss tape?

What does Trumps hatred for Black people have to do with him watching Russian hookers pee on a bed again? I think I missed that part.

The story was that it was a bed that Obama slept in.

I fully agree. He is/was a germphobe, he probably finds sex yucky, slimy and generally disgusting, but he likes it when he humiliates the women by doing it in a horrible way, for instance against their wishes. He likes the humiliation way more than he is repugned by the physicallity of sex. I believe he is a psychopath and I am sure I have linked to this drawing before where I tried to convey that feeling in all its tastelessness, I like to think it is accurate.

I suspect that there might be grainy video of Trump with prostitutes somewhere, which would be embarrassing in and of itself. I doubt Putin needed a pee tape, though. He probably had a lot more kompromat than that, and I suspect Trump was well aware of it. I suspect others in the GOP ranks (and probably even some Dems as well) have been the targets of Russian kompromat as well.

I’m coming around to the idea that the proverbial “piss tape” is a real life magical MacGuffin. It may or may not exist, but “the idea” that it exists has worked spectacularly:

  • For Putin and the Russians, it promotes the narrative (especially in the West) that they have an all powerful spy apparatus. American politicians (Trump included) and business people, doing business in Russia, can’t be sure one way or another WHAT the Russians may have on them.
  • For those on the Democratic Party side, it supports the narrative that Trump is a Russian stooge/racist/immoral, that the Russians helped in getting him elected (again, promoting the “all powerful” Russia narrative).
  • For the GOP side, since it’s not “proven” it supports the narrative that it’s all “FAKE NEWS”, that everything is “FAKE NEWS”.
  • Overall, its salaciousness distracts from any of the more mundane provable aspects of the whole Trump/Russia story. And because it is yet unproven, it also calls into question everything else.

Really, this couldn’t have turned out better for Putin/Russia.

Nit-pick (because I just can’t resist): California never had an electric chair, and capital punishment was never done at Alcatraz.

That’s perfectly OK with me, it is not supposed to be a documentary but a show of my bad feelings. I just hope the text is correct. That is what I meant with accurate: the spirit of it.

who is an Ivanka look-alike.

“I’m not into golden showers,” he told the crowd. “You know the great thing, our great first lady — ‘That one,’ she said, ‘I don’t believe that one.’ ”

–TFG, at the National Republican Senatorial Committee retreat in Palm Beach yesterday.

Oh, there’s a pee tape.