Remember the Straight Dope TV show?

Theres an awful lot of talk about the mysterious Cecil Adams existance (or lack of).
Well okay, then who was the bald, occasionally blue guy who hosted the TV show?

Incidently, I think whoever he was he rebounded after the shows cancellation with a commercial for the (ironcally short lived) Atari Jaguar (had light bulbs pasted to his head?).

Although I, too, associate Cecil with the guy from the A&E The Straight Dope TV series, I recall that he never claimed to be the Man. In fact, he always referred to Cecil in the third person, making it clear that the two were not one.


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I believe the show’s host’s name was Mike Lukas.

I always imagine Unka Cece as looking like the guy, BTW.

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Correct, Mike Lukas was the show’s host. He does stand-up comedy routines around Chicago (he was in NY briefly, I believe, but now is back in Chi.)

Mike worked extensively with Ed on the show’s format, and he told me that he had some conversations with Cecil as well.

I always imagined Cecil to look like Ed Asner!

Oh, man! Who could forget the Straight Dope TV show!

Ed Zotti’s trenchant, zippy monologues…those hilarious sketches with CDex and TubaDiva and Nickrz and JillGat playing the bickering Division Street tenement couples…the custard pie-fights…and, of course, the lovely, leggy Straight Dope Dancers!

Anybody tape any of 'em?


Yeah, Uke! And don’t forget those two old codgers in the balcony who had amusing, yet caustic commentary throughout the entire show…

Oh wait. That’s The Muppet Show! Sorry…

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Loved the Straight Dope show on A&E watched it all the time (course I had the books before hand… though not the internet) I think it didnt go because people dont want information/education shows (though they certainly played up the entertainment/grab attention bit) but damn it was funny!!! Wish I could have it back sad

as a side note I always knew the blue bald guy wasnt Cecil… they made that clear enough.

The Straight Dope is something that my Dad and I have in common. He is a Biologist… and I am a wannabe biologist… we share the books and talk about the topics all the time. gives us great bonding time…

Thank ya Unca CeCe!!!

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Cessandra wrote:

Only thing is, Cecil often refers to himself in the third person, too!

The truth, as always, is more complicated than that.