Just a reminder for the first person opening a new topic to please provide a link to the Mailbag item that the comments are about. That makes it easier for people to read the specific Mailbag item and respond, so that we’re all on the same page.

You can just type the URL and the system will set it up as a link.

Thanks for your help, makes it easier on everyone.

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Another reminder…

You can post a link by just typing the “http:…” stuff (no quote marks) and the system will create the link for you.

Or you can use the commands url and /url in square brackets.

So, for example, if I type
[[sup][/sup]url=“http://www.straightdope.com”]The Straight Dope[[sup][/sup]/url]
I’ll get
The Straight Dope
It’s as easy as that.

Yeah, but the spider article was found on the homepage the other day when I was reading the homepage. How do you handle something like that cause next week it won’t be on that page.

Each column, when added online, is assigned a URL. That never changes. This link, from this week’s front page, will always be the URL of the photographic memory column:


When they add a new column, they change the link on the front page to point to the new column. (OK, so that’s a Cecil column, but Mailbag ones work the same way).

Just bringing this important announcement up to the top…

And also, please note, if you are the first poster starting a topic, and you don’t cite a link, the Moderator will go into your post and edit in a link… and that will kill your sig line on that post. So, please, help us out by including a link to what you’re discussing.