Remodeling our bathroom: Are Americh Bathtubs good or bad?

We are remodeling our bathroom, and have found a bathtub that seems to meet our needs and measurements, made by the company Americh. I’ve never heard of this company before, so I’d like to hear if anyone else has experience with bathtubs from this company.

Does anyone have an Americh tub? What do you think of it? Any problems with it? Would you recommend it to others? What was your buying experience like?

The tub from Americh we are considering is the Madison 60 x 32 ADA drop-in tub, but we’d like to hear opinions about any of their tubs.


I used to work at a Kitchen and Bath decorative plumbing store. I’ve sold almost every kind and type of tub.

In my time there, I did sell quite a few Americh tubs. We had one in the showroom. If I recall they are a type of acrylic. It was a thick acrylic so I assume it held the heat from the water in. Though I have no personal experience bathing in one, the folks that purchased them seemed to be happy with them and we never had any warrantee issues or complaints.

My opinion is they are stylish and a quality product.