Remote Car starter, can the Fob ve replaced?

I discovered last night my remote car starter has vanished from my key ring. I’m not sure how or when. It’s been on my key ring for three years.

Somehow, it must have broken where the ring goes through the hole.

This was an after market remote car starter purchased and installed at Best Buy. Over $500 including labor.

Is there any hope or chance of replacing the Fob?

The starter is useless without it.

Yes. Go back to Best Buy. They should be able to replace your fob and reprogram it to your car’s remote start.

I’m hoping they have my purchase in the computer. Or can get the model # and serial off the unit under the hood.

I will go by Best Buy ASAP.

I can’t believe this fob broke off my ring. I used the fob in July for sure. I mostly use it in winter to warm up the car before I get in.

Or it got stolen. But they would have taken the keys too.