Remote Car Starter opinion

Does anyone have a remote car starter?

We don’t have a garage and have very very long winters. I like the idea of not having to go out and start the car.

My wifes car needs the special key with the chip in it to start. But, I have seen ads for a ‘bypass system’ that allows you to ‘install remote starters in vehicles with an OEM security system’. I guess that’s the chip in the key bit.

Also, you are not supposed to put them in manual transmission cars. I can bypass the lock out that prevents you from starting the car when the clutch is not in. Where I park at the top of my drive is very flat so I can just leave it in neutral and set the brake. In the winter, it would not be able to roll anywhere that it could hurt anything but snowbanks.

Anyway, I mostly what to get this for my wife for x-mass. She has a 02 Grand Cherokee Jeep. I will call Jeep to make sure it does not void the warrentee or something.

After all that, does anyone have one? How did it work out

Please think about this. As a former auto mechanic, when ever a car/truck/SUV was brought in for a no-crank or no start problem, if it was equipped with a remote start unit this is where I looked first.

If you do decide to get it, have it installed by a shop that does them a lot.

IMHO, if it were a good option the makers would offer it.

I was thinking the same thing. But I think that there is just to much liability for them to have a car running without someone in it. I’m not worried about that.

You’re right. More stuff to go wrong if you have something like this in the car. Christ, my wifes car must have about half a mile of wire in it already, I do not look forward to adding more.

They are extremely common place where I live. Everyone I know that doesn’t have a garage owns one.

Get a quality unit (IE - Not necessarily the cheapest) and get it professionally installed, you shouldn’t have any problems.

FYI - They do indeed make them for manual transmission vehicles, and even diesels! They just cost more.

They’re common here. Real Alaskans don’t need them. I don’t own one.

I have one. It killed my battery to begin with, but I took it back to the dealer who installed it, and haven’t had any problems since. My only complaint is that the range is pretty narrow, so unless you’re relatively nearby, it won’t do you a world of good.

Thanks for your replies.

It was 12 degrees F yesterday morning. Not much in the way of snow yet though. We are having a dry fall.

I would just assume install it myself, but will see if the dealer has any options. I’ll do some more research.

bernse, Chefguy and Pammipoo:

Any idea of what brands people buy? What is most popular?

I have been doing some searching, and, of course, they all claim to be the best.

I would like one on both our cars. My 93 Pathfinder will probably be a lot easier than my wifes 02 Jeep. Don’t need any of the door unlock, or other fancy stuff. Just start the car. This would only be used at home.

It WILL void your warranty, unless you can find a Jeep dealer who will retrofit one.

At the very least, it will void coverage of the electrics, and probably the powertrain too.

Not it won’t. Or at least, not necessarily. The dealers here openly state they will only void the warranty if they:

A) Are not professionally installed.

B) Do more than start the car.

I think that even this would be tough to be enforcable. There are people driving around with more hacks into the wiring than a remote starter for their stereos and alarms with brand new cars and their warranty is just fine.

Regardless, it is a good idea to check into first either way.

Sorry. I can’t help you with that. I have a nice warm garage! :slight_smile:

I got a Compustar paging alarm and remote starter. I have a manual and this starter works with manuals (it keeps the car running until you close all the doors, thus figuring your not in your car holding down the clutch in gear).

I’ve never had any issues with it. I love the 1 mile range, I can turn on my car at work when I park underground (2 levels) and it always starts :smiley:

If it’s installed by a proper place it won’t affect your warrenty. The Compustar itself is warrentied for life.

My factory alarm was by-passed and it works just fine. People complain about harsh starting but my car starts normally without any grinding noises (something a few people at work claimed happened with their auto-starters).