Remote car window openers?

Does any car make/model offer a remote window opener?

So I can open a window (or two) as I approach the car on a hot sunny day and not have to wait until the superheated interior cools a bit after opening the door(s) and before entry.

I can think of one that might work, althought it doesn’t fit exactly: The Land Rover Freelander.

The Freelander is their smaller model SUV, and it’s built with a large back window that rolls down into the back door (the back opens just like a regular door - sounds good, but it’s tough to put stuff in if you don’t have enough room to open it all the way).

Anyways, if you press and hold the unlock button it goes through the following actions: (1) unlock the driver’s side door, (2) unlock the rest of the doors, (3) roll down the large back window.

It’s really just a convenience so that you can put stuff in the back without having to go up to the front of the car and roll down the window. But it could do the job of airing the car out for you.

Quite a few cars, I think. For instance, my car, the Nissan 350Z, does. When you hold down the unlock button on the remote keyfob for two seconds, the windows go down. The Nissan Maxima and Altima have the same feature, as do the Infiniti G35, M35, M45, FX 35, FX45, and probably some others.

You could try Googling on [auto make] and remote window, which is how I found out about all the Inifinitis.

BMW has the same feature on some late models. I’m not sure which ones from which years.

As already mentioned the Maxima has this feature (I own one). You should be able to add it to most cars with an aftermarket alarm system. A quick google search found

My Honda Accord has this feature. Push the “unlock” button once and it unlocks the drivers door. Push it again and it unlocks the other doors. If you keep it pushed down on the second time, it rolls the windows down. Living in south Florida makes one very appreciative of this feature.

Many of the later model Fords as well. The Fusion and Zephyr and Milan definitely do, and the Edge and MKX (when available) do. The Mondeo (not available in the USA) does. I don’t know about other models I don’t have experience with, but I imagine they do. Just hold unlock a few seconds, and the windows and moonroof (if any) open. I wish I could prevent the moonroof from opening, though.