Remote dialup via prepaid phone card?

A recent trip to Colorado Springs to keep a vigil over Grandma in the hospital made me think of this…

My ISP offers remote dialup access via a toll-free number for 20 cents/minute. The $20 phone card I bought to keep in contact with my girlfriend during the trip had a maximum rate of 13 cents per minute. I had access to a phone line at the hospital, but I didn’t bring my notebook with me so I couldn’t try it out.

Is it it possible to use Window’s dialup networking to connect to your local ISP with a phone card? In other words, set up a dialup networking session to call the phone card’s toll free number, enter the PIN for the card, then dial your ISP’s local number? The only major problem I can see is that you’d need to get the number of commas right to have enough pauses for the card company’s computer to work.

Have any of you ever tried to connect via this method? Did it work?

Any suggestions or ideas for alternate methods are appreciated, too.


yes - you have to use commas (,) for pauses each comma is 2 seconds. YOu will have to go through making a call so you can time how long you have to pause.

if you have to dial
9 then 1-800-555-1212, then it instructs you what number you wish to call (lets say 8 seconds including ringing time) enther your isp number 1-212-555-1212, then it asks for your card number (another 4 seconds lets say) you enter 1234-5678-7894

you would tell win dialup to dial

that last set of commas should only be 2 (,) instead of 4 (,) but you get the idea