Remotely controlled passenger jet in 1984.

Has anyone seen on Discovery or other science channels before 9/11, footage of boeing 720 in conntrolled impact demonstration ? I have seen that many times.Now they don’t show that any more .
Apparently in 1984 plane was remotely conntrolled and crushed in some military base to check data on fuell safety (something like that)Very innteresting footage .

I’m not conspiracy nut ,but if it was possible to do that then imagine what we can do now.

You mean the NASA demonstration in 1984? See

You mean this?

So what’s your point, besides the one on the tinfoil hat?


Like what… make increasingly sophisticated military RPVs… like they’ve doing for ummm… 20+ years now. What exactly are you ohhing and ahhing about?

If you’re wondering why we don’t just fly all our passenger planes via remote control, that’s been discussed many times here. The upshot is that there’s little reason to believe it would really enhance the safety of the people on board. In fact, it’d be arguably more dangerous.

Yes indeed, if I was a passenger on an aeroplane I’d be a lot happier knowing that the person controlling it was up there with me and had a vested interest in getting it down safely.

To answer the OP, I have seen that footage. Pre AND post 9/11.

I worked at Edwards AFB, and I saw that airplane. (Didn’t see the test, though.) IIRC they missed the target slightly, which did not give them the results they were expecting. The test was to see if a new additive to jet fuel would prevent it from creating a fireball in a crash.

Another aircraft they tested when I was there was the HiMAT (Highly Maneuverable Aircraft Technology). This was a small aircraft that maneuvered so tightly that a pilot would not have been able to withstand the Gs. Last I saw it, it was hanging in the Museum of Science and Technology at Exposition Park in L.A.

Of course, there have been remotely piloted aircraft used as target drones for decades.

Sorry. That should be “California Museum of Science and Industry”.