Remotes (for appliances)

I live in a climate with moderate humidity. This often wrecks havoc with the remote controls for the tv, ceiling fans, etc.

Specifically, condensated water forms a barrier between the rubber button and the electrical contact.

(FWIW, a remote on the fritz can be brought back to functionality if the back cover us inscrewed, the layers separated, wiped clean and dried, and reassembled.)

Can a perfect fix be found if an application of dielectric grease is put on the electrical connections?

Moderate humidity?!

I don’t think it’s a barrier.
The water is shorting the contacts, causing the remote to malfunction.
You might want to try silicone spray.

Moderate, but constant.

Just tried silicone spray, and found it to be an electrical insulator which rendered button pushing inoperable, so I wiped everything down with acetone and buffed the contacts dry…now it works at an acceptable level.

Dielectric grease works great as waterproofing on permanent (non moving) connections. However, it is by nature an insulator… Smear it between movable contacts
and your circuit will tend to fail.