Removing carpet adhensive in tight quarters

I am in the process of ripping up the thin industrial carpeting that someone laid down in the bedroom space of my loft. It was installed in 2 sqfoot pieces stuck to the floor with some kind of tacky adhesive that did not stick to the rubber bottom of the carpet but is def still causing the floor to be super sticky.
What is the best way for me to remove this residue in the tight quarters of my room wtih no ventilation? Solvent and stay out of the room? or maybe you can suggestion something so that I may sleep in there tonight

You need a floor scaper, they are available for about $20 at Home Depot. If you were nearby, I would give you mine. My rec room once had glued down carpeting and I had to use the floor scraper to remove the old padding. It has a 16 inch metal blade on a steel handle, it is designed to remove a number of flooring products. Here is a Google image search of floor scaper, you will see there are a variety of styles. They are a lot of work to use, good luck.

What is the subfloor made of? ? Also, what are you planning to do with the floor now? If you are laying more carpet, I would just hurry up and do it. Scraping the adhesive up is going to be a huge pain in the ass. If it is hardwood underneath and you’re trying to save it…that is another story. Does the room have any window at all?

no window!

the subfloor is wooden. i live in an industrial loft with large wooden planking, its beautiful. i am turning my bedroom into a pirate ship motive and the wooden planking is perfect.

If you want to save the floor I would be cautious about using a scraper, which may gouge it. It depends on how big of an area we are talking about here. It is going to take a while. Do you have any goo-gone laying around? If not, get some and try that on a small area. It may need to soak a while. Use a plastic hand scraper to remove the loosened gunk. Goo gone is low-odor and shouldn’t harm the floors. You may also just try some vegetable oil. You are probably going to have to do this in sections. Paint supply stores sell drop cloths that you could put over the parts of the floor you aren’t currently working on so you don’t stick every time you walk over it. While you are at the paint store, ask if they have any other adhesive removers who’s fumes aren’t toxic. Good luck, I don’t envy you this project. And anyone who is considering applying any adhesive product to wood floors: PLEASE DON’T. Someday someone will be cursing your name when they have to remove the crap.

Couple of possibilities - There is a paint/adhesive remover on the market which is based on d-limonene (orange/citrus based). It is fairly low odor and not hydrocarbon solvent based, just wear gloves and goggles as it will strip the oils from your skin. However, this product is water based and requires some soak time to work, so it might have unwanted effects on the wooden flooring.

Another really effective adhesive remover is SC Johnson Paste Wax (yellow can). It will not harm the floor and the fumes are tolerable, but it is a fair amount of work [Mr. Miyagi] Wax on, wax off! [/MM] On the other hand, a can goes a long way and it is fairly cheap.