Removing cat urine odor from a concrete floor

My enclosed patio has a concrete floor which I’ve covered with paving stones. I recently discovered that one of my cats has been peeing in one of the corners. I have removed the affected paving stones, but there’s a 3-foot-square area of the floor that has absorbed urine. Before I replace the stones: How can I remove the urine odor? Would scrubbing with detergent be sufficient (I know bleach is bad)?

Nature’s Miracle is an enzymatic urine odor remover that works well in my experience. I don’t know how well it works on concrete, but concrete is porous that I think it would be fine.

Vinegar works pretty well and is really cheap. It does take some time for the vinegar smell to fade but it wipes out the cat smell instantly.

This would be my recommendation as well.

Back when we had a pee on the basement floor cat we used vinegar. On carpet we used Nature’s Miracle.

Anti-Icky-Poo is both bacterial and enzymatic. Its makers recommend it for crime-scene cleanup, among a list of other things, pet urine among them. My cat shelter uses and recommends it. Funny name, great product.

Tripolyphosphate followed by an enzyme cleaner has worked well for me. Maybe it was overkill, but it is relatively inexpensive and the cement in all areas of the house we were working on was soaked with cat urine. After the treatment and tiling there was no odor.

I just poured a half-gallon of vinegar onto the floor, and the adjacent paving stones. The odor vanished immediately! And no vinegar odor either. Thanks so much, guys!

My uncle is a contractor - he once did new concrete to solve that problem - so if its really bad, your solution might be digging it up and putting it back in. But that’s the nuclear solution.

…or you could get rid of the cat! Or get him a cat diaper.


The recipe for removing skunk spray also works very well on cat urine. I use a quart of hydrogen peroxide, a cup of baking soda and a small dribble of regular dawn dish soap. Mix up and immediately scrub into the soiled area. Let the solution soak for at least 20 minutes and rinse.

I’d try peroxide and follow up with Nature’s Miracle if that doesn’t work. If it were an open-air patio, I’d start with diluted (5:1 or so) bleach, but definitely not in an enclosed space.

Our cat also had the habit of peeing everywhere before some years. I tried different ways to clean and remove the bad smell and finally found a remedy. Bought a Hoover 2X concentrate bottle from the Vacmaster, Canada. It removes almost every stains and odors well and it’s the best to remove animal stains & odors. But please note that don’t use it on silk, leather etc.

I’ll have to give vinegar a shot.

My current tool is Clorox Clean-Up, in the green bottle. It’s one of those things you aren’t supposed to use since it releases chlorine gas in small quantities, but the spray has two great features: it is very effective on cat pee, and it bubbles nicely when coming in contact with cat pee.

The second point is important for me since my earth-tone tile floor in the basement makes it almost impossible to see where the offending substance is. I just give a few squirts in the grout intersections near the stink and the bubbling will show me where the action is.

Can you use this on carpet and fabric?

I don’t know if you can use Clorox Clean-Up on carpet/fabric, but my go-to for getting pee and vomit smell out of carpet is baking soda. After you’ve cleaned the area as well as you can and let it get mostly dry, then dump a lot of baking soda on it. Let it sit for 24 hours, then vacuum it up. I don’t have cats, but that works for toddler pee and puke.

I try it in a hidden place first, like a closet. Be careful about overspray, since it is bleach, and your clothes might get speckled.

My back porch was sprayed by a stray. I used this and then went behind it with vinegar. Worked pretty well.