Removing door dings...

Can door dings be removed from vehicles without body work such as bondo, fillers, paint, resurfacing, et cetera? I was wondering if maybe the metal could be heated which would cause it to expand and out pops the dent…but then there is the obvious concern of what the heat might do to the paint. I think I’ve heard that large dents can sometimes be pulled out with a suction cup, but it seems like this would be difficult for door dings.

Wouldn’t someone make a fortune if a process could be created for less than $100 to remove door dings? Can it be done?

You can shrink dents in steel panels by heating the area cherry red with a torch, then quickly quenching it with a wet rag.

Needless to say this involves paint removal. Sorry, that’s as close as I could get.

It would depend on the dent.

Some can be pulled out with suction cups, some you can get out by drilling a small hole screwing in a self-tapper screw part way and pulling out on it with pliers.

The other way is to gain access to both sides of the metal and roll them out, Rolls-Royce does this, but it is time consuming and generally not worth the trouble.

Panel beaters can usually do a pretty good job.