Removing sticky price labels?

After purchase of course!

I have just bought a bunch of DVDs that were knocked down in price, and then knocked down some more (full first series of Sopranos thank you very much!) so that they have 3 price tags in the form of sticky little labels. The StoreDorks have “helpfully” ripped off one or two of these tags already ripping some of the print off the DVD covers (they are those horrid “paperback” DVD cases).

My question to you is:

How can I remove paper price tags, from paper/card DVD covers, without damaging the cover?

Much thanks in advance!

There’s a product called Goo Gone that gets rid of most any sticky stuff. For a paper surface, use it in small amounts so as not to soak the paper. If you can’t find Goo Gone, lighter fluid would work comparably.

Either way, put a couple drops on a paper towel and rub the sticker gently. I think that should work.

Related to this, can you return goods as damaged, if the label on them causes damage when removed? After all, the store can choose whether to use easily removed labels, or difficult to remove “dirty” labels?

Cheers, Bippy

I like to use a hair dryer. Get the label good and worm and then gently peel.

I like to use a hair dryer. Get the label good and warm and then gently peel.

I don’t think they sell “Goo Gone” around here, but I will give whuckfistles idea a try, it sounds clever! Will report back!

Ok, the first sticker came off a dream, I was well impressed. Then I realised it is the latest sticker, and they all seem to peel off really easily leaving nothing behind. :frowning:

I used the hair-dryer to warm the other stickers to take them off, which worked, but left behind a layer of glue. I then tried the lighter fuel on the glue, but it just spread it around :frowning:

Need more help!

You can try acetone (nail polish remover), though it may damage the plastic.

Another trick is to take the label you just removed and rub it gently over the glue left behind. The glue tends to stick to the glue and lifts off.

I’ve gotten good results with WD-40 on the coated covers of paperback books. Again, just a couple drops on a paper towel, and then use that to dampen the label. It seems to cause the glue to stiffen and crystalize, so you can wipe it up more easily.

As always, test on a disposable object first!


I’ve had good luck with rubber cement. Put a little on the sticky residue and (while the rubber cement is still “wet”) rub it into the residue. Wait for it to dry a bit, then rub off.

I’m gussing the carrier for the cement “dissolves” the goo and the rubber cement holds the goo once the carrier evaporates. Since rubber cement is designed to be removable, it just takes it away.

as beefymeg says, use Goo Gone.

GooGone leaves an oily residue. Get yourself to the local office supply or hardware store and buy a bottle of un-du[SUP]®[/SUP] Adhesive Remover. The adhesive is softened just long enough to allow clean removal. The solvent evaporates quickly and has left no mark or stain on anything (paper, wood, plastic) I’ve used this on. The bottle comes with a scraper attached so you can direct the solution directly under the label. It’s great stuff.

These all sound like great products, if I ever move to the states I will be sure to buy them. Finally got all the stickers off by just peeling unbelievably slowly, and using the hairdryer when it felt it was getting stuck :slight_smile: whuckfistle wins!

Just as an aside…

As goo-gone and wd-40 have already been mentioned, any oil-based liquid will remove adhesive. In a pinch, you can even use vegetable oil.

Just a friendly hint from your neighborhood professional photographer who is constantly removing price (and other adhesive) tags from…well just about anything that can be photographed.

I’ve found that when a sticky tag leaves behind some of it’s sticky glue that, more often than not, I can use the tag itself to lift the sticky glue off the item. Press a section of the tag to a spot of the left-behind glue and then pull it quickly away. When this works, nothing gets left behind and I don’t have to mess with smelly liquid or WD-40. This won’t work if you’ve arleady tried to remove the glue with a liquid.

There’s also a reason those tags aren’t easy to remove quickly. Some people will do anything to save a buck, and if they can remove a price from a cheap item and put it over the price for an expensive one, they’ll do it. This is the same reason some price labels are scored. Trying to peel such a label off pulls it apart, making it very easy to spot an alteration.

Goo Gone is okay but it has to soak for several minutes, I noticed.

I wouldn’t use a hair dryer on dvds though.

Try any oil. Olive Oil is what I use. Put it on, let it soak and wipe away.

Ned: “Why don’t you freeze it with an ice cube, and hit it with a hammer? Works for me when I get bubbly-gum in the old push- broom.”

Guys, the blowdryer works without the mess. Get the sticker hot and peel slow. It worked for Iteki way over in Sweden too.

Handy , take the DVD out of the package first.
I have goo-gone too but I only use this if the blowdryer hasn`t worked first and or most of the sticker came off already.

Oh, and a craft type heat gun works great too. Just don`t get any plasctics too hot.