Rename me, win a prize*!

I’ve been considering getting a new username for a while. This one’s getting a bit old, and besides, I just made it up on a whim when the name I wanted was taken.

Should I? Suggestions?

[sub]*–Void where prohibited. Prize is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Hi, Opal. Offer not valid in Guam, Americam Samoa, Sweden, Iraq, or Mongolia. Suggesting “Chicken of Bristol” will result in automatic forfeiture of prize. Winner is responsible for all tax, title, delivery, and licensing fees. If prize is out of stock, it may be substituted with another prize of equal or no value.[/sub]

Chicken of …


Sorry. :wink:

Well, okay. But you didn’t say anything about Rooster of Bristol. :smiley:

Don’t change it. I like Gunslinger. Makes you sound all dangerous and sexy and stuff.

Reminds of that scene in Tombstone where Dana DeLaney’s character sees Wyatt for the firt time and says “I want one”.

Racinchikki’s sweetie?

Don’t change it. It’s all Stephen King Dark Tower-y.

“The man in black crossed the desert, and the Gunslinger followed close behind.”
- A paraphrase, by my poor memory, of the first line from Dark Tower I - The Gunslinger.

Chicken of Smackdown! That’s it!

Wait a minute. I’ve been posting longer than you, and you have four times as many posts?!

Hmmm. I dub thee… Sir BigHat of Three-Weasel.


Kentucky Bob

Soul on Toast

Lady Marmalade

Joe Mama

my left foot


Tiki tiki tim bon nosa rom bon poly boly ichy pit pery pin bon [sub](If you know what the heck I’m talking about here, I’ll match whatever prize Gunslinger’s giving out).[/sub]

Señor Flagg

Masturbating Bear [sub](or Pimpbot 9000, whichever)[/sub]

Puddin Tame

Klaatu Barata Nikto

Ender’s bitch [sub](this one gets my vote)[/sub]

Gunslinger [sub](but now the accent is on the last syllable).[/sub]

Ender- that’s the story about the litthe Chinese boy, the one who fell down the well and his name was so long…it was hard to get him out or something, and he had a brother with a normal short name.

And I like the last suggestion the best.

Holy crap! That quiz lasted all of 7 minutes. WTG Zoggie.

OK, gunslinger (if that is your real name), what the heck am I giving out?

GoodForYou. :smiley:

Aw, Persephone, you beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest Enderw25. Just to confuse people.

[sub]I guess I have a weird sense of humor.

Wow, I didn’t know so many people cared! :slight_smile:

So we have 4 votes (by the Gore method of counting) to keep it, 3 CoB jokes, and several suggestions I don’t particularly like. The contest shall continue.

I don’t know…I was going to wait until somebody won to think of a prize. Whatever it is, it won’t be worth all that much.

Amendment (italicized words deleted; underscored words added):

Here’re a few to consider:


Since you are relinquishing Gunslinger, why not derive your new handle from the Roger Corman movie of the same name and call yourself Beverly_Garland?

Oh, come on babe, I thought “Lady Marmalade” really summed you up! No? Darn…

Or keep the Gunslinger, but make it two words! And not the obvious two!

Butt-Rake Jenkins! (You should remember where that came from.)

The only other name I wanted…

Zapp Brannigan

** To further excite racinchikki…**
Matt Hardy :slight_smile:

You’re awesome. :slight_smile: