Renew payment?

So I get an email saying:

Your access to the paid subscription “Straight Dope Board Membership” is about to expire.

If you have selected a recurring subscription you will be automatically billed for the renewal, else to renew this subscription you must visit

If you do not extend your subscription, access will be removed.

Clicking the link gives:

“Straight Dope Message Board does not have any paid subscriptions available to which you can subscribe.”

Can someone explain?

Jerry currently has that part of the system turned off while he addresses more serious concerns regarding the stabilization and accessibility of the message board.

You will still be able to post without difficulty as the free posting door is open now. You may start to see ads until the subscription system is reopened. We’re sorry about that but first things first and having a workable system for everyone is first priority.

Jerry already said he would extend subscriptions if need be to cover any time you might have lost. So please hang on and let Jerry do his thing; he’ll get to this when he can.