Reno 911 DVD -- hillaroius

My girlfriend bought the first season of Reno 911 yesterday, and we watched parts of it today. On the second episode, they play a game on the commentary where they have to recreate what they were saying through the whole episode. It was funny seeing what they had to improvise to match the time of themselves speaking. Then there’s all the scenes not included in the episodes (including the extended cut of the Garcia/Jackie the hooker Mexican restaraunt scene). One thing it made me realize, though, is they’ve gotten rid of the grittyness that made it feel like Cops. The newer episodes seem to actually have the camera balanced whereas the older episodes seemed to have the carefree camera men which added to the show’s humor. Oh well, if you’re a fan of Reno 911 and haven’t bought it yet…do so…now…I mean it. Go…buy it.