Rent-O-Car time.

My Wife and I are flying to Akron OH and have a lot of driving to do. Lots of people to see.

Mercury Grand Marquis. This is the rental car to get IMHO. (I’m way to old to say this, but the Grand Marquis is a real sweet ride. This will be the third time I’ve rented one. [and I like to confoud my penny pinching BIL]).

It costs a bit more but when you have a MIL and FIL that have had knee surgery and are having a hard time getting around you rent the big ass American car. I normally drive an SUV so size doesn’t mater. I do like the Grand M for road trips. We will put a lot of miles on the car. It’s really, really smooth.

[Tim Allen]Harummphhh[TA].

What do you rent at the airport?

It all depends.

When we Travel by car from San Jose to San Diego I have started to rent a car. Our car is a mini van, 19 MPH. I will rent something that gets 30+. When gas prices were up I could save over half the price on a 3 day trip in gas. Plus the wear and tear on my car is not there. So we figure it is cheaper.

The last we traveled to Las Vegas I rented a Stratus. When we picked up the car I was asked if i wanted to up grade to a Grand Torino for $7 more a day. I did. We only got 25mph, but gas was around $2 a gallon.

I am glad I up graded. Highway 58 was closed with snow so we had to back track. I thought we should have reached LV by 5:00 PM, we got there 11:00PM. After 15 hours of driving in a Stratus I would have been tired and sore, in the Grand Torino when I got out of the car I was not sore. That was one sweet ride. And it did not cost me much to up grade.

I’m a Hertz gold member and we normally rent the car we own which is a Volvo S 80. So thats what I try to get and if that isnt available it is something similar. All rentals drive the same to me, like a rental doesnt matter how “luxurious” it is.

My Pathfinder is pretty luxurious. Heated seats, the hole shebang. Low range 4x4.

Though in this very light snow year I am still going into 4x4 every day. I probably won’t need 4x4 in a week or so.

When I have to rent, it’s sort of fun to get a regular ol’ car. The Grand Marquise is fun for me. And works well to haul around a bunch of people. I did once have a ‘Big’ Toyota something or other but did not like it as much.

The Chrysler 300 is right out. Both my Wife and I hated that car.

I haven’t seen a Volvo at any place that I have rented from. I’ll dig a bit more.

Off track–why are you coming to Akron?

Trust me, a 90 year old isn’t too old to say that. In fact, I believe that is the average age of Grand Marquis owners…

Mu husband is 6’5", and needs leg room. So we rent an Altima, which is the car I own, and we know he can fit in. One time we upgraded (for free because of ungodly delays) to an H2. He loved it, and talked of buying one at the time. :rolleyes:

I always specify a compact when reserving, because I prefer smallish cars to begin with, and because, well, I’m a bit of a skinflint. I like Mazda 3s best, but they don’t show up in rental fleets very often. Preferred choice if only domestics are available is the admittedly peculiar (but roomy) Dodge Caliber. I’ll accept anything else in that size range except Chevy Cobalts, which I loathe in both 2- and 4-door versions.

For personal rentals, I usually go with Dollar, and more than half the time I seem to get free upgrades, for whatever reason. Best score so far was a Chrysler Sebring convertible, and I’ve ended up in mid-sized SUVs a couple times as well.

The only car I’ve ever rented was a Focus for getting from Atlanta to Athens and back. It was great!

I drive an Escape and my parents drive big sedans (well, a Taurus isn’t that big but my mom’s Five Hundred is). I find that I am very uncomfortable driving those after being in what feels like both a small and “high up” car. If I am going to feel so low to the ground I prefer something compact so I can move around quickly. Like the difference between driving a gecko vs. a tortoise.

I think if you look at the Hertz prestige collection you’ll find that car and some similar ones to it. Out of that I’ve rented the Volvo S80 many times, S40, some Infiniti, Audi A4, Q7, some Volvo station wagon and lots of the lower category of cars depending on what they have. When I got the Audi Q7 it was when it first came out and the backup camera was nice but it drove like a tank. The downside of that car was that you got a lot of people coming by it looking inside it which resulted in it being broken into and a lot of work for me to recover the stolen items from insurance.

One of the cars I liked was a Cadillac that had cooled seats in addition to heated seats which comes in handy in California.

Huh. I think you’re right They seem to be about $30 cheaper than Budget. They use to be way more expensive.

Well, it’s not for the beaches…

It’s because I love my Wife and her family. A niece is graduating high school and a nephew is turning 30 years old. We try to stay in touch.

My wife’s family is in the Pittsburgh area. Sometimes we fly into PIT sometimes CAK (Canton/Akron).

I like smaller airports myself. CAK is very nice. We got a better deal on the flight as well.

I’ve rented compacts, fulls, premiers and minivans.

Got upgraded to a Lincoln Towncar once in Cleveland on a Christmas eve, sweet ride.

Rented a Sebring convertable in San Diego last October.

One time I flew into San Jose on business, I was going to be there a week and since i was staying at my sister’s and my company wasn’t shelling out for a hotel, the boss told me to go ahead and rent a convertable. I reserved a Ford Mustang.

When I arrived,they handed me a very strange looking key. I asked “where’s my car?” The attendant pointed at a car and said “Right there.” It was a white Jaguar. I told him that there must have been a mistake. “Nope” he said. I wound up arguing with him for about 5 minutes until he realized that he’d grabbed the wrong key and paperwork. My Mustang was 2 spaces down. The attendant was very grateful as when the real customer, a VIP, showed up expecting a Jaguar and gets handed Ford keys that attendant would probubly have been told to find another job.

Where are you staying in Akron?