Renting Budget Approximately?

Going to another country and going to rent a place for a short time and looking at rentals online. Usually when i rent places, they would have the price but the ad that im responding to well this site that im sending an email to… well they ask what budget approximately.
Im looking to spend max $1000 for a studio/1 bedroom. I would ideally want to spend less. Is it generally better to put a bit less than $1000 for that line?

Sure, a thousand dollars a month will get you an apartment in any country of the world. I’m sure there’s no difference in cost between, say, London and Lisbon.

the place that im going to rent from… many of the rentals are 600-1100 for what im looking for.

It’s a sales tactic. They’re trying to squeeze as much cash out of you as they can. Don’t tell them what your budget is. Insist they tell you how much the rent is. And when they tell you, counter offer by $200 less. Then try to find a middle ground from there.

$750 will be fine. Do you want to sign the lease online or do you want to do it in person? I can arrange any time this week. Meet me wherever.

That was a joke in case you didn’t get it (you are being hopelessly naive). You don’t ever tell people how much you ‘are planning on spending’ without making them show you what they have first along with the prices. In this case, you never tell them that anyway because it is none of their business.

Well, if the website is for some sort of Agent that will present several suitable properties, then it is appropriate for Pauly01 to give an acceptable price range. Otherwise I don’t get it.

Which country - $1000 a month is pretty high for a one bed studio over here. In my town you can rent a 3 bed detached house for that.