Renting out a Parking Garage/Space?

We have a parking space in our house that we don’t use because we don’t have a car. However, the parking spot isn’t like those traditional ones where its a big space and then you see 2 lines. Basically its like a parking spot behind our house where you park it horizontally and the person who lives to the left and to the right both have their car parked there and thus there is that middle space which is ours that we don’t use.
What is the best way to advertise it? Is craiglist the best way? We are in brooklyn, new york and our location is pretty decent. However the parking spot isn’t that good where you could just park it in front of the garage like how most parking spots are for a nice home.
How much should we list it for? And usually do ppl want it for minimum 6 month or 1 year?
What about the garage? Our garage is a regular garage but it does have this issue where if it rains a lot, some rain does go inside the garage but very little.

I would start by looking in Craig’s List and seeing if others in your area are advertising parking spaces such as yours. If they aren’t, that answers your question, but if they are you can see what they are charging, and for how long, and price yours accordingly. You could also put an ad in the local newspaper, but that can run into money.

See what the market is like and think about how you want it used. When I lived in a more congested part of Chicago I looked into it and people have list of restrictions based on bad experiences. Do you want to let the person work on their car there? Can they wash it? Loan the spot to friends? Sublet it? If someone doesn’t drive much, can they plug a trickle charger in? If someone jacks their spot who’s responsible for getting the offender towed? Is there any way they can block you or a neighbor in and can you reach them if that happens? (If it’s possible within the laws of physics, they will.) Can they live in the car while it’s in the spot? As Aretha once said “You betta think!”