Repairing bad metadata files

My wife’s computer has been locking up frequently as of late.
I checked the memory, memory OK
I check the hard drive. Physically OK, but the diagnostic program checked the file system and said that one or more errors were found in metadata file records.

My wife runs Windows XP home edition, and uses an NTFS file system. Does CHKDSK do metadata repair? If not, what can I download to fix, or try and fix, the problem? I’ve tried various Google searches but can’t find an answer. Thanks.

Run chkdsk. It’ll clean the NTFS about as well as any 3rd party tool. I’d really doubt that that has anything to do with her lockups though.

The inside of her computer was really dusty, but I used compressed air to clean it out. So since the memory is good, and the hard drive is good, I hope that doesn’t mean that the motherboard is going bad. Well, maybe it is, I’ve been planning on upgrading it anyway.
Anyway, thanks again.

The inside of any computer is dusty beyond belief. That’s your fan or fans doing their work! If they blow in, they blow dust in. If they blow out, then they draw air in. Every piece of equipment gathers some electrostatic charge, the boards develop the most. The dust sticks, and voila! motherboard dust bunnies (WWBAGNFARB).

I discovered the problem. I installed a motherboard monitor program that keeps track of things like the motherboard and CPU temperatures. When my wife’s computer locked up, the CPU was running a little too hot.
And it’s funny that you mention fans, because when I took off the side to take out a modem she’ll no longer use, I decided to leave the side pannel off, to help the computer run coller, and when I turned it back on, my wife noticed that the fan wasn’t working anymore (not the CPU fan, that’s running fine).
So anyway, tomorrow I buy a new fan (wish I could afford a water cooling system) and everything should be fine.

coller = cooler
of course.