Repeal the tax cut to pay for all this?

Seems to me that it might be prudent (to use his daddy’s phrase) to undo what was just done in regards to the budget. Not only were we hearing that the projected surpluses were not materializing before this ever happened, it seems plain that we are going to need every nickle we can scrounge to pay for everything to come, over and above the 40 billion (which is coming from where, I wonder? Thin air?)

It’s looking very likely that the airlines are going to require federal propping up in order to stay afloat, and who knows what else might happen.

I’m all for the spending, but I’m concerned about where it’s all supposed to come from, and since most Americans were not necessarily in favor of the tax cut to begin with, it seems likely that most of us would be more than happy if Congress decided they could do some emergency voodoo and just vacate the damn thing.

What are the alternatives?


They’ll most likely just borrow the money. War bonds and all that.

Break the “lockbox”.
I’d say this spells the end of Clinton’s brilliant political ploy to use the Social Security surplus to pay down the debt.

Just my 2sense

From what I’ve heard on financial news lately, it’s not economically sound to increase taxes when the economy is slow, and getting slower. It pulls the economy further into the ditch. Since we have a surplus of, what, 160 billion, that’s where the money comes from. Also, paying down debt was already figured into the original 1.96 trillion budget plan, as I recall, so that probably won’t change. If war bonds are introduced(where did that come from? I just heard a talking head mention it in passing)that should help finance our efforts to secure our borders and initiate whatever military action is selected.