Repeated heat pump failure - another compressor bites the dust

In 2012 I had a new heat pump installed at my condo. The brand new heat pump has gone through three compressors since then, generally failing during the coldest days of winter. The compressors are under warranty, but labor is not included. The HVAC repairmen to date have not been able to diagnose why the compressors continue to fail. The technician is scheduled to replace the compressor tomorrow, and will also be trying to diagnose the cause. Again.

The employee on the job for the last few failures is the company’s most experienced technician. I don’t think he (or the company) is trying to pull one over me.

On the recommendation of another neighbor, I had called a different HVAC company to investigate, but they don’t deal with units made by that particular manufacturer. (I wish I had known that before I selected the model I did. The company I was working with only offered that brand, and I had only heard good things about them historically. Now I know better. . .)

Has anyone had any experience with this? Any insights into repeated compressor failures?