Repel the Martian attack!

Just sawWar of the Worlds. This thread isn’t about the movie; it’s about how to deal with the aliens in the movie.

Their tripod war machines have forcefields that prevent any form of missile, bullet or bomb from getting through, but there must be another way to disable them. For example, if a tripod steps in a pond, and you flash-froze the pond, the legs would be immobilized, right?

Perhaps making the ground slippery or unstable would bring the machines down. Solid objects can’t pierce the shields, but what about lasers, electricity or some kind of sonic weapon?

So: you are the President’s National Science Advisor – or better yet, an advisor to one of the field commanders. A tripod is coming towards you, and your first barrage has completely failed. What do you do?

Three little letters: EMP.

I have not seen the movie. I bet it will be on the plane in September.

Since I cannot get into specifics, let me mention a generality. If they can cross interplanetary space to get to Cleveland, it stands to reason that they have a level of technology that trumps ours.

Even if we did freeze them into ponds, if we zapped every tripod on Earth, what would we do next Tuesday? Their planet and productive capacity in untouched. They will just learn from their mistakes and come at us again.

Do we suspect that Martian soldiers get beat and do not adapt? So they can build spaceships but are really pretty dumb?

Further, how the heck can a tripod walk away? Left, middle, right? Right, left, middle? Middle then hop both left and right at the same time?

I get Hugh Marlowe to build me a freezing ray that stops them in their tracks until they fall over.

Or give Jeff Goldblum a Powerbook and a product placement contract. Between his hacking skills and Will Smith’s cutups, the tripods don’t stand a chance.


Isn’t blasting the heck out of anything the stated use for 1920’s style death rays? :smiley:

Bah to both. Just launch the X-303.

Put on a Slim Whitman album.

I bet not. Not without some scenes edited out, at least.

I saw “Get Shorty” on the plane and they replaced the plane crash scene with a train crash. I had already seen the movie in the theater and it was WTF?

Looks like the Martians are going to roll right over you jokesters.
Apathetic bloody planet, I’ve no sympathy at all.

Get a green man on a green horse to lead them into a hidden pitfall.

Too much work. Take 'em down to the local pub and do tequila shots until they pass out.


How about a healthy dose of Ice-9?

If you use Ice-9, chances are it won’t stop until it Ice-9s the whole planet.

I’ll just use my Acme Disintegrating Gun…

Well, if you can see them through the force fields, then light passes through. So lasers ought to do the trick.

I was also going to suggest scalar weapons, but I see dotchan has beat me to it.

Grease the living shit out of their avenue of attack. Watch them slip and let gravity do the work.
Or tie a rope to one leg and trip them.

Why not just SNEEZE at 'em?!?

I’m not aware that fictional beings had any vulnerabilities at all. Except for hand grenades up the hindquarters, of course.

There’s No Such Thing as Ice-9! It doesn’t exist!

“But if it did exist…”

In other words,

whump :smack: