Replace the Mayo in my Tuna Sandwich

Well after leaving the costco size jar of mayo out on my counter over night, I thought I should look for a tasty and healthy alternative. Of course the main reason I add mayo is to avoid the dryness. Any suggestions people?

Well, there’s canola mayo, which is pretty much free of saturated and trans fats. Tastes just like the real stuff, too.

Have you looked into using melted blue cheese? It’s strong enough that you don’t have to use a lot, so it’s still a relatively healthy alternative.

Are you sure the mayo was totally bad?

In Mexico street vendors would keep large jars of mayo out in the sun all day long and I always got the impression it was reasonably lasting. Probably not preferable, but it shows it can last at least 8-10 hours out of the fridge.

Not “healthy”, heh… but my husband uses ranch dressing in place of mayo.

Bleh. But I say “bleh” because I’m burnt out on ranch-flavoured anything. He claims it’s quite tasty. If you’re looking for healthy, there’s always fat-free ranch. Double bleh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet chilli sauce. No fat, not too spicy but just enough to tingle and it goes great with fish.

Miracle whip?

Personally, I don’t like the stuff, but I imagine it could be a suitable substitute for some people.

A yogurt company claimed that tuna and yogurt is tasty. Since I can’t stand yogurt, I never put it to the test.

When my mother was on Weight Watchers in the 60s, she mixed tuna with mustard, and I grew up thinking that was the way you were SUPPOSED to make tuna salad. I’ll still put some mustard in my tuna salad, but I add mayo too.

I actually tried this, back when I first had to change my diet into a tasteless, bland smorgasborg of low fat crap. I used plain, fat free yogurt. It tasted like puke. And I like yogurt.

Worth a try, though. Maybe regular yogurt would taste better than the fat free stuff. Also, my tastes will certainly vary from everyone else’s. But I did try it. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. I used it in place of mayo on my husband’s sandwiches, too, to see if he noticed a difference. He thought I was trying to kill him. He begged me to never, ever do that again. I did, though. About a week later, I put it in a burrito in lieu of sour cream. He cried.

But don’t let me scare you. :wink: (I hear there are people out there who like it, so… you know. Give it a shot. Maybe* it’s* good and I suck.)

I use tartar sauce – which is, of course, mayo based, but has little bits of whatever in it, and it’s intended to go with fish.

Dijon mustard…

Try replacing half or 2/3 of the mayo with yogurt (and a bit of Dijon mustard). My grandmother, who is a fabulous cook, does this all the time. You still ahve the mayo flavor and mouthfeel, with a fraction of the fat. Works great in potato salad, too.

Contrary to popular belief, commercial mayonnaise does not have to be refrigerated after opening, at least not for safety reasons. Check it out here and here (second page on the .pdf one).

That said, check out the low-fat (not non-fat) versions of Hellman’s mayo that’s out there. When mixed in stuff like tuna, I can’t tell the difference between it and the full-fat stuff. It’s very good.

If you’re not looking for health benefits, make your own mayo. It’s easy, and it’s hugely better than the commercial stuff. I get rave reviews on my devilled eggs, tuna salads, etc. all the time, and the only think I do substantially different than anyone else is I use homemade mayo.

I like using a bit of horseradish sauce. It is tangy and so tasty. I have also used plain yogurt to which I added minced cucumber, fresh dill, garlic and lots of pepper.

I personally buy Miracle Whip Light and make tuna or egg salad with that instead of mayo. It’s a lot healthier than regular or even light/low-fat mayo, and I have come to like the taste.

There’s a place in Chapel Hill called the Skylight Exchange. They make a fantastic tuna sandwich called the African Tuna. It’s canned tuna, fairly spicy, with very little (if any) mayo. I think it’s got a little peanut flavor as well. You can also get the Africa Tuna with peanut butter or cucumbers. I really want to learn to make it–it’s delicious.


I’ll ditto this. Hellman’s canola mayo is pretty good, as is the low-fat variety. Fat-free is just disgusting.

I’ve also found that I can cut back some on the mayo by not draining the tuna until it’s bone-dry, and adding some lemon juice (as well as salt, pepper, dill weed, chives, capers, or whatever else I feel like adding). Since I usually eat my tuna as part of tuna macaroni salad, it’s not a problem if the “dressing” isn’t that viscous, and I still get enough of the mayo mouthfeel to enjoy it.

I picked up some sesame-ginger marinade over the weekend, which is meant to be used on meat or fish. I think I’ll try a dash of that next time, see how it comes out.

Yes! I had that for the first time a while back just because I had to know what peanut butter and tuna tasted like. It was fantastic. My friend knows the owner, I’ll see if I can finagle a recipe out of him via her.

Star-Kist has a recipe on their web site for a No Mayo Tuna Salad . I’m not a big mayonnaise fan, so this is what I usually make. Different, but good.

Durkee’s Famous Sauce is awfully tasty, and it’s probably a little healthier than mayo. It smells and tastes kind of like deviled eggs, but it’s good even if you don’ t like eggs.


I used to keep a bottle of mayo at my desk for months. It never went bad, as far as I know.