replacement car title

We live in Maryland and recently someone broke into our house and stole lots of useless stuff but also our vehicle titles. I know we can get new ones from the state, but the instructions imply I need to know the number of the title, which is written on the title itself and therefore I have no idea. I can get the vin, but that is evidently significantly different. How hard is it to replace a stolen car title?

I’m not sure, but I’d fill out the affadavit of loss form with the VIN number and take it to your nearest DMV office, and they’ll let you know if that’s insufficient.

I needed a new title for my car last week (I’d lost mine).
I went to the title agency, handed over my ID and $18 and they gave me a new title.

I didn’t need to know anything but my name.

Was that in Maryland? The OP says he’s in Maryland.

In Maryland, you can replace a car title online for $20. Takes 30 seconds.

MVA store link

On edit, the title number is also printed on your registration form.

Thank you. That last bit of information is what I did not notice, that my registration form has the title number.