Replacement cell phone

I recently dropped my Android smart phone, and I want to get an inexpensive replacement. What are my options?

I guess I could go to my local AT&T store and simply buy a bargain-basement phone, but would it be smarter to buy a slightly older model of a higher-end phone? Or maybe a refurbished phone?

In order to use a phone on my existing contract, should I get an “unlocked” phone? Is there some other category or terminology I should be looking for?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

If you have an at&t contract, you can buy either an unlocked phone or an at&t phone. I like swappa as a place to buy used phones. They do a decent job of vetting that the phone works and isn’t reported stolen. (And the price they charge the seller is modest.)

I personally think the Moto g line of phones has been a good value in a reasonably cheap phone with most of the features of a high-end phone, and a used one might be a very good value.

Good luck.

You can go to Walmart and get an AT&T Lumia 640 for like $60 or something ridiculously cheap. Straight-out, no contract. Ridiculously good phone for the money.

Good suggestions, especially Swappa. I wasn’t familiar with it.


Used phones can be pretty cheap. For example, if you wanted a Galaxy S5 search eBay for:

galaxy S5 at&t excellent

Excellent referring to the condition of course. Watch the shipping price and the seller’s feedback rating and location.

Are there any details to check so I’m sure it will work with my current contract? I don’t want to buy a phone and then have AT&T tell me it’s not compatible for some reason?

AT&T will let you check - Bring Your Own Phone

If you are buying on eBay and the eBay listing says AT&T then you have good cause to return the phone with eBay on your side if it doesn’t work on AT&T.

Nokia 640 for AT&T unlocked at the Microsoft Store is $59.

that’s a great deal.

… on a Windows phone. The OP has an Android phone and presumably would like to stay in that ecosystem.

Windows phones are cheap for a reason.

OP didn’t state that he wanted an Android phone, merely a low cost one.

Granted there may be “must have” apps the OP uses now that are not available on Windows Phones. But comparing hardware like to like, the Nokia 640 for AT&T unlocked for $59 would be much better than the other suggestions.

I really like using Windows phones. Most of my household has iPhones and iPhones aren’t that intuitive to find things on. I have had straight Android phones from China, and IMHO the o/s is a pain in the ass (not to mention the phones are never updated and have security flaws). YMMV

Note than on January 8, AT&T is doing away with two year contracts: