Replacement for DownThemAll for Firefox?

Firefox used to have a really handy app for downloading multiple files called DownThemAll. Unfortunately it no longer functions and there doesn’t seem to be a replacement so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

I usually used it for downloading multiple PDF’s from a link on a website page.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Shit, that WAS a useful tool. Wonder why they sunset that one?

Are there similar tools for other browsers, perhaps? Google Chrome seems to have plug-ins for everything …

What I do, when I want to download hundreds of file without clicking individually, is use a url2file utility, preparing the list of urls to get manually (using an editor with advanced features). Googling ‘url2file’ this YouTube shows up. The way the guy in the YouTube does it is much more complicated than the way I do it, but he details an approach, and gives some other alternatives.

When I do it, I do NOT get the browser’s cookies — that can cause trouble if, for example, you need to be logged-in to access those pages. I think there’s a way to point url2file at your browser’s cookie directory but I’ve never tried that.

There’s also a wget utility, but I’ve never used it.

There’s a Firefox stable offshoot called Pale Moon that still supports a shit ton of older FF extensions that no longer work in FF. I can still use my link previewer, Noia buttons and Colorful Tabs, which makes using my media computer a lot easier because I can see things on the browser from across the room on the big TV. Dunno if DownThemAll still works in Pale Moon but it’s a simple thing to install it and see. Unforch, Pale Moon doesn’t support web extensions or I’d use it for everything but I need my FB Purity if I’m going to use Facebook without getting stabby.

This would be a better fit for IMHO than GQ. Moving.

Something to do with the updates to Firefox making it more effort than it was worth for the programmer.

Thanks for the answers everyone!