Replacing the battery in an iPhone

I have a Verizon iPhone 5. The battery has really gone to shit recently and I was hoping to get it replaced. Can I do so legally? Is there a reputable national chain that does that? (I’m in the SF bay area).


It’s not difficult to do yourself. You may be eligible for free replacement.

Why did you think it’d be illegal? :confused:

You’re right, poor phrasing on my part. I certainly didn’t think it would be breaking any laws, but I wouldn’t want to do something that would cause Verizon to suddenly void my contract, would mean I could never get additional tech support, etc.

I am eligible! Thanks!

Wonder why they are asking people to erase everything on their iPhone first?

The returner isn’t going to get the same phone back presumably, and it’s best for everyone if the data is gone from it.

I would have thought you would get the same phone back, especially if you’re taking it to an Apple store.

Maybe they are saying to wipe the phone in case anything goes wrong, then they can give you a new phone without you having to worry about your personal data still being on the broken one.