Replay use by officials

Officials using Instant Replay is common in American football and it’s also used sometimes in basketball. In watching the Olympics, I see that hockey officials also can use it (I’m not a hockey fan, so have not seen this before).

Are there any other sports which use it?

Tennis does it better than anyone.

If “photo finish” counts, virtually all racing sports use it as well.

Baseball even started using it recently- though only for disputed home runs

College B-ball uses to determine if a shot is a 3 pointer or a 2 pointer and to determine how much time is left after a late game whistle.

Well, yes, I mentioned basketball in the OP. They also use it to determine if a buzzerbeater actually left the player’s hand before time expired. And in a game I saw today, they used it to determine if a ball had hit the rim before the shot clock expired (it hadn’t).

The Short Track Speed Skating Officials use it to determine disqualifications


It’s been used in cricket for a long time with its use fairly limited initially but it can be used for pretty much anything now.

It’s also used in rugby (league and union.)