"Report: 51% of violent crime unreported"

Actual headline from today’s Denver Post.

What do you think? Mischeivous writer snuck one by the editors or sloppy journalism?

The headline makes sense to me. And you don’t. Go figure. :confused:

It’s not unusual to see claims like that. Most of us understand what the statisticians are saying.

But I always wonder… how do you know? It goes without saying that, for a variety of reasons, many women who get raped are too afraid or embarrassed to report that to the police. But if/when a criminologist gives a concrete number (say, “50% of rapes are not reported”), one has to wonder, where did he come up with that figure? How can you extrapolate?

I’m sure it’s much more than guesswork, but I’m not sure how much stock I should put in any particular number.

My point is that if you report that something is unreported, it’s no longer unreported…or something.

I couldn’t find the Denver story, so HERE is a copy from another paper.