Report Designers - I need a name

So, my report for tasks assigned to employees has various columns including

  • Due Date
  • Days Left
  • Aging Status

Days Left is days until Due Date. If negative then it’s overdue. Aging Status is text like Due next 30, 1-30 overdue, 31-60 overdue, 60+ overdue.

Maybe I’m being fussy, but I’m not thrilled with the name Aging Status… maybe Due Status or something else?

Suggest away, thanks.

That column sounds redundant with the Days Left column. Why don’t you use the old “stoplight” trick - Highlight the Days Left value in green if everything is fine, make it yellow if it is within 30 days or whatever, and red when it is overdue?

Yeah, that would be good if we were looking at individual records, but this is a summary by department - shows the aging category and how many are in each bucket.

Ah, got it. In that case, “Due Status” sounds pretty descriptive.