Reported post for spam and OUR posts disappear?

Both **runner pat **and myself reported a zombie revival in the form of a spam for ‘fart fetishes’ in this thread. Returning to it this afternoon, I note that not only has the spam post disappeared, but our posts have been vapourised as well.

Is this now SOP for these sorts of threads?

Did your post say something to the effect of: “Reported for spam”? Then yes, that’s SOP as far as I know.

Yes, it is standard procedure to delete both the spam post and the “reported” type posts that often follow it. There are occasional exceptions, such as when the spam report post contains other content relative to the thread.

This isn’t anything new. While some spam reports will say something like “user name such and such reported” most will just say “reported”. If we don’t delete those, it gets very confusing. Without the spam post there it makes it look as if some other perfectly legitimate post is being reported.

Thanks for that, just have never had it happen before. I’m not a big ‘reported’ poster, so when I DO report, mostly the thread gets vanished or locked down.

No dramas, just curious.


“Like it never even happened.”

It’s a good thing that the Mods do this too. Every once in a while, a Mod will delete the spam but forget to delete the “Reported” post. Other posters will then follow up with: “Reported for what?” Hilarity ensues…

To add to the confusion, when a spammer bumps a zombie, leaving the “reported” posts visible means the thread remains on the first page. If we delete those too, the thread can sink back down into the abyss from which it was summoned.

I think runner pat would have thousands more posts if we didn’t delete spam reports.

angry scowl



even the nastiest farts disappear.

I think your post count remains, even if one of your posts is disappeared.

What never happened?

Don’t talk about runner pat like that. That’s not cool dude…


If it’s “disappeared” (moved out of sight) I believe your post count remains the same. However, if it’s deleted it doesn’t appear in your post count (although mods can still see it).


Nope. Deleted posts don’t add to your total post count. Spammers end up with a post count of zero once their spam post has been deleted.

ETAL Whoops! Ninja’d by Colibri

We usually don’t delete spam reports … but if the spam was in a thread by itself (which is most often the case), when the original starting post is removed from the board the report vanishes too. Just off in the cornfield somewhere.

I wonder if the corn grown in that field has any special properties. Like if they made gasohol out of it, would it make your car drive under a bridge?

… disappeared like a fart in the wind …

I doubt the nutrient quantity of a free gas in a corn field.