Repotting cacti?

Have you ever repotted your cacti?

I have a couple and they seem to be outgrowing their containers. I’d like them to get larger if they will.

Any pitfalls to keep in mind?

Is there a best time of year?


Well, I found a money page by googling it. . .

The one at the bottom looks exactly like my cactus (except mine is bigger) in a similar pot.

Still, if you have any advice. . .

Their advice seems spot on… However, I always used terra cotta pots ( the red clay ones) and it seemed to befir the spiny nature of the cacti I placed in them. I would use the over the counter cactus potting mix not potting soil… and go from there.

I had a double take on this thread title, at first I thought it said Reporting Cacti. I was trying to figure out exactly what one would report about cacti and to whom. It’s gonna be one of those days…

I’ve never needed to provide anything unusual for cactus replants, although the aforementioned special soil mix is a good suggestion. In fact, in addition to the repots I’d dig up and replant large cactus from a raised landscape I’d built as needed and most (not all, but most) were amazingly hardy and resiliant. Also, my cactus nursery suggested using tomato fertilizer, that formulated for tomato plants. Mine grew like succulent weeds so there must be soomething to it.


Can I assume you get cactus potting mix at your average Big Box retail hardware store, or your local nursery supply store? I don’t think I’ve ever sween it, but I haven’t exactly looked for it either.

Yes, Home Depot and Lowes both stock it and it’s definately different from your conventional pot/basket blend.