Republican party "news" bulletins?

I read somewhere recently that there was some controversy over the Republican party or the US government creating news bulletins which were favourable to US policy, then distributing them for use on local television news.

I am unable to find a cite for this despite furious googling, and therefore am usnsure whether this really happened. Can anyone assist?

Note, this is in GQ because I don’t wish to enter into a debate about the merits of such an action, I just want the facts about what was or wasn’t done.

It’s in the Pit. I know that this is GQ, but that sort of behaviour from any party is shocking.

From a political party, it is not shocking, as their job is to push political agendas. It’s called PR. It only becomes shocking when a news media outlet accepts it uncritically.

Political parties regularly distribute footage of their candidates in the most flattering light, conveniently quoting the message of the day. What the Republicans have done in prepackaging a news story isn’t any more shocking to me – but shame on the TV stations who don’t clearly identify it as coming from the campaign.

Okay, we don’t need a debate about whether it’s shocking or not. Just the facts on what was done.

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A Watchdog See;s Flaws in in Bush’s Ads on Medicare

A bit more here: Seems the Last Word on Medicare Wasn’t But the emphasis of the story is more on the hiding of cost estimates.

The two stories tend to get tangled up with each other.
Here’s the reaction of Journalists to the planted newsbits:
Journalists decry fake news reports

It’s important to note that this was not funded by the Republican Party, but by the federal government’s budget.

You can see the a bad version of the video on Comedy Central. It’s currently number two in the new videos “Medicalert”