Republicans and Abortions

Recently read an article in which John Cleese tweeted about Trump and Christianity, and a user responded that the abortion issue was the only reason he voted for Trump.

So to all Republicans and Conservatives out there: What the fuck is taking so long?

You own all three branches of government. You can make whatever laws you want. You have just appointed two of your own conservative clowns to the Supreme Court. What is taking so long? When will Trump actually get around to banning abortion?

NEVER. They will never do anything about abortion. ** EVER**.

Because here’s how it works: A candidate screams until they’re blue in the face about how much they hate abortion and how evil it is. Then you scream and cry your crocodile tears and vote for them. And then they do nothing. And then the next time they have to run for office, they scream until they’re blue in the face again. AND YOU VOTE FOR THEM AGAIN, BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO FUCKING STUPID TO REALIZE THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.

And YOU, mister twitter user who ONLY voted for Trump because he’s ostensibly anti-abortion, just gave them the perfect reason to NEVER fix it. Because as soon as they DO solve abortion, you no longer have a reason to vote for them ever again, and they know that. Why would they ever kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? They know that keeping you in a state of perpetual rage is an automatic win for them, because you stupid shit-eating single-issue voters only show up to vote for the ONE DAMNED THING you claim to care about. Why would anyone be dumb enough to fuck with that?

You’ll just keep voting for them, and they’ll keep doing nothing, and you two will do that same old sorry dance year after year until the universe dies of heat death.

Thanks for nothing, you unbelievable fuckwits.

I like it, and I admit, I haven’t looked at the issue that way. Problem is, I think that logic chain is several links too long for most of the anti-abortion crowd.

And, if they were anti-abortion, wouldn’t they be STRONGLY in favor of contraception?

When it became clear how many right-wingers were trying to stop the availability of contraceptives, I finally realized, no, they’re not trying to limit abortions, they’re trying to limit sex.

Or maybe they just hate people enjoying themselves.

Close. They see STDs and babies as the consequences you get for filthy fornicating. Which is why they oppose things like the HPV vaccine - they’d literally rather have their daughter get cancer than have sex, even with the loose causal link there, and oppose anything that would make people get pregnant less often like contraceptives or sex education.

So much evil has been done by puritanical types to people in the hopes of demonizing and preventing a perfectly normal, healthy activity that it would look completely absurd to an alien trying to analyze our species.

Republicans have been passing legislation restricting abortion rights in many states. The problem has been that the judiciary overturning those legislations based on decades of precedents from the Supreme Court.

But now they have control of the Supreme Court also. And not just a conservative court, but an activist court that may have no compunction about overruling those precedents.

They can’t do it immediately, they need cases to work their way through the system. So it may take a couple years, although it may be even quicker than that.

If you think Republicans aren’t working to restrict abortion rights or that they won’t try to now that they control the Supreme Court also, you haven’t been paying affention

I think the real people in charge of the Republican party are generally pro-abortion and simply lied to their constituents about abortion.

But they played with fire, and rushed in the post-truth world, and ended up with Trump. The traditional people who actually set Republican agenda aren’t as in control of the party as they were 10 years ago - they’ve stirred up too much extremism. It’s no longer fully under their control. So we may actually see an unintended rollback on abortion rights as part of this wave of insanity.

Red states will be hit the hardest, and I’m sure all of those morally upstanding red staters are going to send their daughters to neighboring blue states to have that abortion. And it won’t be hypocritical, because for some reason it’s okay for them, it’s everyone else that can’t have it.

No, because the point of opposing abortion is to persecute, torment and kill women. Keeping women from getting contraceptives is not only oppressive in its own right, but the resulting pregnancies are yet more opportunities for abuse.

A woman is miserable because she’s pregnant and doesn’t want it? Victory. A woman dies in childbirth? Victory. The pregnancy goes wrong and kills her? Victory. She has a miscarriage? They jail her for “abortion”, and it’s victory again.

It’s sort of silly that their actual reason for hating abortion is already evil enough - that you should have to bring a living, breathing, probably suffering person in the world as a punishment to someone else who didn’t even do anything evil - I have no idea why you have to go into lala land for it. Everyone hates having someone like you (sort of) on their side.

One sick aspect of this is that their stated reason for being anti-abortion is that abortion is ‘murder’. Abortion is the taking of a life, a legitimate, real, actual, honest, no bullshit, human life. Taking the life of a truly helpless extremely young human being who cannot defend themselves in any way.

If parents in some 3rd World “shithole” routinely took infants into medical centers to be killed, as a form of after-the-fact family planning, I think we would all be rather horrified.

Yet, Republicans (and their voters) argue that this is EXACTLY, LITERALLY what is happening right now, and has been happening for the last 45 years. Their response is that they can’t do much to stop it because 7 old men in robes said it was OK to kill babies.

They have a lot of things on their plate, stopping a few hundred thousand murders per year isn’t going to be a priority.

One of the most disgusting aspects of conservative anti-abortion ideology is this notion that getting pregnant is ‘punishment’ for promiscuity. I have my own moral qualms with abortion, but seeing babies as ‘punishment’ and the belief that a woman should ‘suffer’ psychologically and physically makes me wonder how conservatives can possibly think they have the moral high ground. They scream “IT’S A BABY!” and yet how do they reconcile, on the other hand, that “THE BABY” is punishment?

It’s more than clear to me that very, very few people actually consider abortion to be literally the murder of babies. If millions really thought that hundreds of thousands of babies were being murdered every year, we’d have had a civil war over the issue many, many years ago. By their actions, most anti-choice (or “pro-life”) Americans don’t like abortion, but don’t really consider it equivalent to murdering babies.

I consider school shootings and gang killings to be murder, but I don’t think we should go to war to stop those things.

Same with abortion for a lot of people.

Those things aren’t legal, and thus the perpetrators are already prosecuted and punished when found. Abortion is legal, and thus those who abort or aid in abortion are not punished at all. Society and its laws already agree with you about school and gangland killings.

Republicans love having sex. They love having kinky sex. They love having super secret gay sex. But once it’s over, whatever brain damage they collectively share kicks in and they look to punish themselves and everyone around them. The rest of us are stuck living in this rock opera of guilt, shame and retribution.

Abortion rights were never likely simply to be overturned by national legislation or a simple Supreme Court decision. Politically it is seen as safer and more palatable by abortion foes to severely limit it by a series of statutes and court decisions, making it illegal outside of narrow boundaries.

Simply overturning Roe gives a huge boost to the political opposition. Much better from their standpoint if you can shut down clinics for “safety” reasons.

If 500,000 kids were dragged out of school and shot every year, and it was LEGAL to do so, and parents paid money to organizations licensed by the state to “drag and shoot”, or just had their insurance company pay for it, I’d hope we would go to war to stop those killings.

That is something worth going to war over.

Whole lotta people in here not passing an ideological turing test. Or showing much of an acquaintance with reality.

I see several flaws with your premise, OP.

  1. Republicans are doing something about abortion. Onerous restrictions on abortion providers, defunding anything remotely connected to abortion, possibly unconstitutional “heartbeat” bills. I don’t have a list on me but there are red states all over the country that have enacted new abortion-stifling legislation in the last 10 years. Single issue voters can certainly point to those victories as justification for voting R in the past, and continuing to vote R in the future.

  2. Republicans have a majority, true, but they still need 2/3rds in the senate to pass anything not related to the budget. They could change the rules, but it’s also likely that even the conservative court would hold blatant anti-abortion laws unconstitutional. In short, they have a majority, but not enough of one.

  3. Let’s say Republicans manage to get even more seats and states and pass a constitutional amendment banning abortion. This would be a HUGE motivator for the left, who would campaign for decades on restoring abortion rights. Far from killing the goose that laid a golden egg, anti-abortion types would be forced to continue voting Republican in order to ensure Democrats didn’t get in a similar supermajority position and overturn the amendment.

I’m just saying that you can believe that something is murder and wrong, and still not try very hard to stop it.

Some people think capital punishment is murder, but they don’t go on a killing spree to prove it.

As it happens, I believe that abortion does equate with murder, but I don’t believe in outlawing abortion because then women would die trying to get an illegal operation done on them. It’s a matter of principle that is unfortunately impractical in real life.

I don’t buy it. I’m against the death penalty because I think there’s a small but real risk of killing innocent people (I have no moral objection to executing those who actually committed murder). But only a few dozen (maybe a hundred or two) people are executed each year. So even if I’m right, that’s maybe 5 or 10 innocent people executed at most. I think that’s very bad, but voting and advocacy is appropriate for a national policy that, at worst, results in 5 or 10 extra dead innocent Americans every year.

That pales in comparison to the idea of hundreds of thousands of babies killed each year.

If someone really believes that is happening, but does nothing beyond voting against it, then they’re either very cowardly or very immoral (i.e. uncaring or too lazy to do anything about it) – and I think it’s more likely that millions of my fellow Americans are just being a bit hyperbolic (i.e. saying “abortion is murder!” when they really believe “abortion is a bad thing but not actually equivalent to murder!”) than that they are all either very cowardly or very immoral.