Republicans are basically Nazis, exhibit 14H

So what do you think about the dead kids and the cages?

France. Bad France. Hitler’s in Guatemala.

Well that’s the problem isn’t it. I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to ethics. When what you are doing matches the sort of over the top villainy that comic book and action movie writers use to identify how evil their antagonist is, be it Ming the Merciless, the Red Skull, Ernst Blofeld, or Cersei Lannister. Then you are probably doing something wrong. More and more our country seems to resemble the evil empire that the plucky heroes manage to overcome, rather than the beacon of truth and justice.

I couldn’t agree with you more. If it were up to me Trump and EVERYbody associated with him, related to him, or who voted for him would be sent on a one-way trip to the Sun. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work.

Seems strange that in a thread complaining about inhumane conditions, you openly advocate for the immediate death of over 60 million people. :dubious:

One is real, the other isn’t.

I see. So he’s just joking about killing 60 million people? That’s okay then. :rolleyes:

So what do you think about the dead kids and the cages?

I’m against it.

That’s cool, we’re on the same page there. But it’s not funny, like sending 60 million people into the sun. I mean, can you imagine how big the ship would have to be, or how finely diced the people would have to be?

I’m sure the ship would need to be YUGE!

Nazis had better uniforms.

I think it’s important in the public discourse (which includes discussion of politics on forums) to get away from always invoking the Nazis. Evil things should be condemned because they’re evil. Always introducing Nazis into the discussion only sets the stage for more equivocation, comparisons, analogies, metaphors, and generally turning everything into a mess.

It’s just asking for people to say “well it may be bad but it’s not NAZI level bad” and then it just degenerates into arguing over semantics. Condemn immoral policies because they’re immoral.

I don’t believe that Republicans are torturing folks, I believe that “mean people” who would otherwise have job bullying someone else somewhere are doing this. If a were wealthy, I would probably vote Republican to keep more of my money, although I don’t see how anyone could vote for Trump again, save for the above mentioned mean people.

Who said I was joking? If I had the power, that’s what I would do. And I wouldn’t regret it for even one millisecond. Why not? Because those lizard brains are making everything worse for each and every one of us (even if THEY don’t understand that in the least). It’s called “addition by subtraction,” see?

Man, talk about a plan for wealth re-distribution!

But it really is NAZI level bad. White supremacists have the government’s blessing, they’re separating families and sequestering those they separate in camps, the head of the government is blaming his base’s woes on The Other and promising to take care of that Other because only he can, he’s threatening to incarcerate his political opponents, he sneers at the law and views the levers of power as his to do with as he will. The parallels between pre-war Germany and the United States today are chilling.

I don’t understand why people don’t see that. Maybe it’s easier to recognize the shape of the fireball from the outside.

<lights up a cigar>

Puts on sunglasses :cool:

Because this thread sure has aged well.

I mean a lot of yous are a LOT angrier at Republitards than I am, and I’m still pretty damned angry. But some of you all who were telling me to chill have lost your fucking shit, screaming for impeachment.

If people really believed that, more of them would be fleeing the country. I just don’t think it’s an accurate comparison, and I absolutely think it’s something that’s pervaded everyone’s headspace and poisoned debates and further increased the relentless polarization in this country.

At least they’ve been screaming for legal, non-insane solutions. Unlike certain posters here. :wink: