Republicans are basically Nazis, exhibit 14H

Hey, remember those concentration camps at the border to deal with immigrants? Well, turns out you’d better not be gay or disabled, because if you are, they’re going to torture you!

(And yes, solitary confinement is torture.)

So we’re locking a bunch of immigrants up in concentration camps and torturing them - often torturing them explicitly because they’re disabled. Now, I’m not going to say that this makes ICE and the repiblicans supporting these policies exactly like nazis, but I will say that if someone wrote a story with this plot element, most would consider it a bit on the nose, and the editor would probably say something like, “look, if you want your villains to sound like Nazis, couldn’t you be just a bit more subtle about it?”

What’s happening on our southern border is a goddamn moral atrocity, and anyone supporting it deserves to stand responsible for it.

Yes we all read in history class how, once the Holocaust got started, the Jews were simply flooding into Nazi territory.

Hi there, person defending American concentration camps torturing LGBT and disabled people. How are you doing today? Good? Good. :slight_smile: Enjoying sticking up for American concentration camps torturing LGBT and disabled people? Well, as long as you think it makes the world a better place.

(That’s literally the only valuable piece of information in the above post. He’s defending concentration camps that are torturing LGBT and disabled people. Everything else is just that much fluff in the wind.)

He’s not defending them. He’s just ignoring them and posting an irrelevant and historically-dubious distraction.

I mean, a reasonable person might ask how bad conditions must be in the places these people are fleeing in order for them to be willing to not only walk for, in some cases, over a thousand miles with their whole family and whatever possessions they can carry through dangerous territory but also to risk, upon arrival at their destination, horrific, inhumane and possibly illegal treatment. A reasonable person might ask what justification the US government and its sub-contractors have for engaging in these barbaric behaviors in the first place. A reasonable person might even endeavor to avoid responding with a rather gleeful tone in response to a discussion on the topic of gay and disabled people being tortured.

But that’s just my opinion.

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Damn! Ok, I’ll try anyway. It takes a certain kind of, oh, special to disagree with this:

I mean, I’m trying for “elections”, because it’s an issue worth taking seriously on an electoral stage, but honestly? If you aren’t mad as hell about the US running concentration camps where they will torture you for being disabled or LGBT… I’m at a loss, I really am. This is monstrous.

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Let’s not give him more credit than he deserves - this is how you defend the indefensible. Find a way to distract from the thing you know you can’t defend and talk about some other irrelevant bullshit, in the hopes that the conversation shifts from “the thing I like but am unwilling to defend because it makes me look like a fucking monster” to “some other thing that merely makes me look like a partisan jerk”. Related to The HurricaneDitka Show in this thread. I’d like to think we’re collectively getting better at not falling for it, and I absolutely plan to call it out whenever I see it (as I did above). I encourage anyone else to do the same.

Oh. Well fuck that, then. Hey Farnaby, you fascist prick, your continued membership here is a cancer on the level of the discourse and you should take your fucking nazi apologia and fuck off, you colossal piece of shit.

Well, I hate to point a finger, but the fact is that this nation was primarily founded by white Europeans, and white Europeans have shown throughout history that they severely lean towards imperialism.

It was primarily white Europeans who sailed all over the world, stuck their flags in the ground of whatever lands they found, and trumpeted, “Your land is now OUR land. Since you are inferior savages, we are justified in taking this land, dominating it, and doing whatever we want.” If the indigenous people were lucky and weren’t killed outright or enslaved, they became 2nd class citizens in their own land.

The Republican Right consists of people with this mentality. “Make America Great Again” is code for, “Let’s go back to a time when white men ruled white women, and all other races stepped off the sidewalk and walked in the street in deference to their superiors.”

The fact is that never … NEVER … would white children be treated the way those children are being treated. I think the death toll is up to five children who have died in those ratty cages. They’re prison camps for children. Ain’t we proud.

Accusing ANYBODY of being “like Nazis” is a VERY serious charge and in my current state-of-mind I’m not willing to do that, even regarding the current Republican Party. But neither am I a fan of the Republican Party in its current state. Not in the least bit.

Dammit, now I’m hearing Eddie Izzard in my head. “Do you have a flag?”

Of course you don’t have to go back to colonial times for this sort of behavior, even in America: Japanese-American internment camps existed in living memory (and Guantanamo in very recent memory).

I genuinely struggle to understand the sheer lack of empathy involved in accepting these practices, but then there are massive propaganda machines dedicated to churning out FUD and hatred which enable the dehumanization of entire populations.

And in the 10 previous years, exactly zero immigrant children have died in US custody. MAGA, indeed.

I’m inferring from this that you believe that it’s okay to dehumanize and torture these people simply because they are immigrants. What’s really sad is that it doesn’t surprise me in the least that there are a lot of people in this country that are just as bigoted and hateful as you are. What a pathetic creature.

To quote from the thread I started on this in Elections:

This is happening under an administration whose president seems to believe we should be shooting immigrants and is pardoning war criminals who are being court-martialed for murdering civilians in Iraq, and where the head of the DHS was fired for being unwilling to break the law on the president’s behalf. What’s going on now is a moral atrocity the likes of which the US hasn’t seen on US soil since at least the Japanese internment camps of World War II, possibly longer. But more importantly, there’s damn good reason to believe that it’s going to get worse.

The republican party isn’t the 1942 Nazis. But then, the 1933 Nazis weren’t the 1942 Nazis. Dachau started as a small prison for political opposition - as the regime became more and more extreme, it grew.

What’s already happening is shocking and disgusting. We should stop it before it gets worse.

Good luck with that; we’re all counting on you.

Well, this is more like the Jews, realizing how bad things were getting in Nazi Germany, fled to France for safety, only to be put in cages and tortured by the French because… :confused: well, I’ll be damned if I can say why.

In the OT, the bad guys sacrificed children to Mammon. Today, these children are sacrificed to _____. Damned if I know. And a majority of American bible-beaters are OK with it because ______.

Unsurprisingly, the hysterics that are attracted to a thread title like this cannot read well.

Shouldn’t you all be out on a ledge somewhere?

Must everything be compared to a decades old morality play? History is still taught past 8th grade, correct? How about some more appropriate smear terms. Stop trying to shoehorn everything into your favorite comic book.

Are we France, Nazis, or Jews in this analogy?

Oooh! I love Mad-libs.

Is that what you’re doing?