Republicans = defense, Democrats = economy; would you change sides?

Conventional wisdom has it that when the electorate is worried about the economy, Democratic candidates do better. When the electorate is worried about war or national defense, Republican candidates do better.

So, Republicans and Democrats, are you content with that? Is it fair? Would you switch sides if you could and make Republicans the economic party and Democrats the national defense party? Does one side have an inherent advantage?

Personally both are important to me. I guess the calculation is what a person thinks is of more immediate concern.

That said I do not think there is historic evidence for Dems being particularly bad on defense compared to Reps. Heck, George H. W. Bush cut defense (peace dividend from the collapse of the Soviet Union I think). Every president seems to have a dust-up (at least) somewhere sometime during their tenure.

So, perhaps a better “this or that” comparison would be Reps on the economy (since they supposedly represent small government and low taxes) and Dems on social issues.

That said on economics I think the Dems are historically better. The economy has prospered more under Dem administrations than Rep ones. (cite)

On the whole I’m sticking with Democrats for now.