Republicans: if not Romney, who?

It’s a few days before the election and Romney and his VP-candidate get revealed as Kodos and Kang. For whom do you vote instead? Paul? Johnson? Nader? Walker? Daniels? (Do I recall correctly that write-ins are allowed?)

Colin Powell? Though he has said he does not want the job.

I saw him a few weeks ago on one of those Sunday morning political talk shows discussing how to deal with the deficit. And he said we have to look at both sides of the balance sheet - both raising tax revenues and cutting spending.

Come to think of it, neither political party would take him. The Dems would call him a heretic for cutting spending. The Repubs for raising taxes.

The Democrats don’t have quite the problem with spending cuts that Republicans do with tax increases.

He explicitly stated everything needed to be on the cutting board, including sacred cows of both parties. Social programs? cut. Military? cut. Social Security? cut. There is no way to fix the problem while leaving something like two thirds of the overall budget off the chopping block.

AND there is no way to fix the problem while pretending that any tax increase can be paid by some other guy but not me. The rich need to pay more, sure, but the majority of income tax (in dollar figures, not percentage rate) is paid by the middle class precisely because of the large numbers of people in that category. The math just doesn’t work to leave them out of it too.

Anyone who could piss off the right wing nutjobs and the left wing lunatics at the same time can’t be all bad in my book.

They’d still vote for them-after all they are NotObama, and that’s all that matters.

IIRC that is indeed what happened in the Simpsons episode in question.