Republicans purposely downplayed COVID-19 warnings so they could offload stock.

Fuck. These. People.

Just going to put this in the Pit, for there’s no debate as to the ethics here and the political implications are really just: Fuck. The. GOP.

Story the 1st:

Intelligence Chairman Raised Virus Alarms Weeks Ago, Secret Recording Shows

This… released this morning… got some people digging.

Senate Intel chair unloaded stocks in mid-February before coronavirus rocked markets

Pictures of the transactions are here - most are dated 2-13-2020:

So, to recap:

  1. Prior to COVID-19, Burr helped author the country’s Pandemic Response
  2. On February 7th, he pens an op-ed saying everything is OK.
  3. The DJIA hits its highest close ever, @ 29,551.
  4. On February 13th, he and his wife dump $1.6 million of stock, most of them in high-risk companies. DJIA closes at 29,423. Talk about selling at the top!
  5. On February 27th, the same day Trump said it would ‘disappear’, Burr was warning wealthy supporters to prepare for the worst, for another ‘Spanish Flu’. DJIA closed at 25,766
  6. On March 5th, Burr pens an oped saying “We’re more prepared than we have ever been”. DJIA: 26,121
  7. March 9th, DJIA crashes over 2,000 points. Things really begin going to hell.

Fuck. The. GOP. Just fuck them - they didn’t warn people, they purposely withheld information, so they could sell their holdings at the top of the market, and now millions may die so they could profit.

Listen to the recording. It’s all there. And still… for 2, 3 weeks… they did the Democrat Impeachment Hoax story while this thing was spreading across the country, so they could offload their most vulnerable assets.


Seconded! :mad:

Fun fact. The top Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act passed in 2012 97-3. Burr was among the 3.

I wonder if it would be possible for some state or collection of states to charge the lot of them with conspiracy to commit mass murder by negligence.

Oh, I hate that asshole more than anyone else in the Senate, and that’s saying a lot. Because I went to high school with that motherfucker. He was an asshole in high school and he’s a bigger asshole now.
I hope he goes down and goes down hard.

can I steal and repost this link and summary? I’ll take out your personal comments. Rewrite them in my own words

I endorse this pitting and welcome the board’s Republican water-bearers to defend it.

Republicans are fucking trash. Gee, I wonder why that little bitch Bricker doesn’t come around any more?

[predictable]“Hilary would have been worse”.[/predictable]

Of course!

That stock trading reeks, and I hope it’s a crime. Too bad Republicans in Trump’s name are above the law and/or insta-pardonable.
The stock trading reeks, but the supression of the severity of this pandemic is ghastly. In other words, it’s typically Republican.

Another reason for me to really hate the G.o.P., in general (not that I needed any more).

The right wing response to this will be that it’s fake news AND that Burr was really smart to sell when he did AND he deserves a medal for not causing panic with his public remarks.

All of those things at once, and really hard too.

Fuck bipartisanship.

I’m not buying into the theory that we need to pretend to trust these corrupt untrustworthy crooks “for the good of the country”. They drove the economy into hyperdrive by reckless borrowing and unconscionable giveaways to their corporate co-conspirators. They dismantled the body of expertise behind the government. Then the whole country got taken down hard by what was essentially a failure of information.

This wasn’t something that just happened. It might not have been totally preventable, but it could been contained if not for incompetence.

We need to let people know this. We need to plaster the airwaves with ads showing Trump saying “I take no responsibility” and “we’re not a shipping clerk”. We need to lay the blame directly where it belongs and wake up that 50% of the country that never votes. We need to show the Republicans in all their bumbling incompetent glory. We need to double down, not ease up.

Fuck bipartisanship.

The little shitstain has already provided a response.

As a resident of North Carolina, let me add a hearty “fuck this guy.”

Going to periodically update my new Richard Burr metric: “Value of a human life.”

$1,600,000/174 = $9,195. That is the value of a human life, as of now. This number will decrease.

I mean, I’m not even sure I remotely understandhis defensehere:

“Burr’s office also rebutted a ProPublica story indicating he sold between $500k-$1.6m in stock in the weeks leading up to the market collapse. An aide said the sale happened before market volatility began.”

Yeah, that’s, like, the whole problem. Nobody would have a problem if the sale happened after the market volatility.

This is a big day for Aaron Burr.

What happened to putting one’s money in a blind trust? I thought that was customary when a position of public trust like this.

Very effective one-minute video that does pretty much what you request:

It alternates Trump lies over recent weeks with on-screen facts about the spread of the virus.

Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s the never-Trumper ‘Rule of Law Republicans’ who put it out. They hate him as much as we do.